The Hands of Friendship

“Love is blind,  friendship is clairvoyant.” ~ anonymous

Friendship is the true foundation of any relationship.  When we hold hands, instead of hearts, we allow those we love the freedom to expand and spread their wings.  A true friend is someone who walks in when all others leave, with no attachment, no judgment, just pure love and acceptance.  She is one who will sit with you for hours while you laugh, cry, and work through life’s challenges.  He is one you may not talk to for years, then you pick up the phone and it’s as if your conversation never skipped a beat.  You know who your true friends are.  You feel it from the bottom of your heart to the top of your soul. True friends are with you, through a lifetime, no matter what.

A real friend is not blinded by the fog of being “in love”.  She won’t tell you what you want to hear, she will tell you what you need to hear. She will lead with honesty and call you on your flaws.  Not to hurt you, only to help you. Just as you will do the same for her.  In this give and take relationship, you learn from each other, one step at a time, one lesson at a time, holding hands along this path called life.


8 thoughts on “The Hands of Friendship

  1. So true. We have many acquaintances but a true friend says…”have a good day” and actually means it. A friend is the non-judgemental one who takes the time when one needs them to be there. The one who says I love you without expectations. One good friend is worth more than ten superficial pretenders. Someone who says “I am here for you” and walks their talk. “Have a good day Cynthia”! 😉

  2. It takes one to know one, true friend:) You have always walked your talk…I thank you for your many hours, days, months and years of friendship! “Have a GREAT day!” And I mean it:)

  3. Cindy,

    True friendship does have all of these qualities
    The truth being said to help a friend in need may not always be what they want to hear but inecessary as it only comes from a loving place.

    In my past and present experiences with this, I have been told by many that I love that in the moment they did Not want to hear the truth but afterward were grateful for my honesty to guide them on their path.

    This is the Truth Of Love!


  4. Sorry I’ve been away so long Cindy. I’m finally going through all your site. You’re an inspiration to so many people. I saw what your Dad’s favorite song was and I’m sure he’s hearing it from you in the mystical, spiritual realm. I know how how much you adore your dad. I remember years ago when it was just e-mails, writing to and receiving great letters from both you and Louise. If there’s been even a tinge of(unjustified) proprietary entitlement…(re: not wanting correspondences to expand) it’s erased realizing you’re providing a wonderful, heartfelt, professionally grounded service to others. And p.s. you’re lines of beauty picture is awesome along with so many others I’ve seen. Loved your family shots..

  5. Oh Kev, so wonderful to hear from you! This is perfect that you commented on this post as you are one of the true blue friends I’m talking about:) You may “go away” for as long as you wish, my friend, as I always know that when that email comes in or I run into you on a hometown walk, we never skip a beat….always our “blue bird” of the Round Robins. We have missed your humor and quick wit! I hope you continue to comment so that others can witness the glory of your writing….John Irving move over! Great to have you back, bud!

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