From A Distance

“From A Distance” was my Dad’s favorite song shortly before he left this earth.  It’s no wonder, as he grew even closer to God, the message rang true and clear.  May it be a reminder for all of us…peace to all people on earth.  Love is a guide.  Love is a healer.  Love is all there is….

~From A Distance, sung by Bette Midler, written by Julie Gold


5 thoughts on “From A Distance

  1. As memorial day approaches I remember my lost Billy and can only send love “from a distance” now. Your post is a reminder to me that saying “I love you” could be the last time it will be said to someone on this earth plane.
    I love the song and love you too my friend. 🙂

    • I love you too, Raven, and I know Billy continues to feel your love, no matter what dimension we live in. A son always feels his mother’s love, just as I know you feel his loving light….xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful song Cindy!
    I love that your Dad connected with that song!
    What a sensitive man your Dad must have been!!
    Love Heals All!
    I love you!!!!

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