Healing the Child Within

” In these if the body will accept it, there is the meeting of self–or karmic conditions. Can it be healed? Yes, but the attitude of the body, the faith in the Divine, must not merely be assumed or proclaimed–it must be practiced in the daily life with others.”  ~ Edgar Cayce

Recognition of unhealthy habits opens the valve, but it is action that fosters the flow of change.  This is why we all need to practice patience as we initiate change in our lives.  When you consider how much time you’ve put into developing unhealthy habits, know that it will take time and perseverance to replace the unhealthy with the healthy.  As spiritual beings living this human existence, expect that you will fall off track at times.  Forgive yourself, wipe yourself off, and get back on track.  In time, as you persist, the healthy will begin to outweigh the unhealthy.  As you experience the feeling of positive choices you will begin to feel lighter, happier and more joyful inside.  You will begin to like YOU!  As we learn to treat ourselves with love and respect, we will naturally treat others in the same regard.  Just remember, true change takes time.  A firm foundation keeps you grounded, a quick fix keeps you stumbling.

An important piece to change is forgiveness.  Forgiveness of self and others.  Oftentimes, we tend to blame others for our choices.  No one makes those choices but you, and until you truly see this you will not move on.  Maybe your parents didn’t give you what you needed, but they gave you what they were able to give.  They became parents still carrying their own baggage, and if it was packed with abuse, neglect, and personal hurts it very likely got dumped on you.  Do you want to continue this chain, or do you want to effect change?  Until you are able to truly let go and forgive others it will be very difficult to forgive yourself.  An open heart manifests a smiling soul.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the key to all change…faith in God, Spirit, Goddess, Source, the Divine, you choose.  You must believe in a power greater than yourself.  The ego is a cocky entity and will knock you upside down if you invest in its false promises.  When you reach only for outer fulfillment, you will ALWAYS come up empty.  You must reach inward to your own soul and connect with Source.  Pray, meditate, ask for guidance.  Go for a walk and take in the beauty of nature.  Breathe in the scent of the honeysuckle on your path.  Recognize the messages that come to you and follow them.  Have faith that you are being guided and KNOW that you are.  Gather the support of friends that carry their own truth and caring.  Confide in those you trust as you work through your own challenges, as we must speak our own truth to heal.  Never forget to give to others as they give to you, for it is in giving that we absolutely receive.

Are you ready?  Let’s get started….one day at a time.


9 thoughts on “Healing the Child Within

  1. Once again your post really hit home…Forgiveness helps bring in the positive and the good….Forgive but forgive with your heart…no matter who has hurt you.
    Thank you…

  2. Thank-you for this reminder, Cyn. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Or is it that I am open to it right now?

  3. Great stuff…..especially the part about faith in God. I have found through personal experience that no matter what I am dealing with, surrendering each new day to God and His always brings about a better day. When I don’t do this, I truly feel it!

  4. Cindy,

    This post is absolutely Amazing! It is Healing for all mankind! You are Extrordinary!

    I love this line; An open heart manifests a smiling soul.”
    Your soul will illuminate as you begin to allow love and forgiveness into your heart!
    This is a Truth!

    When you forgive, all the energy that we that allow to deplete our bodies as we hold onto the pain will dissolve and new energy of love will replenish ourselves.
    Our bodies will thank us for opening this channel!
    Our souls will rejoice and awaken the truth of who we are and why we are here!

    This journey is a challenging one. That is for certian.
    It all begins with the first choice to change the repeated patterns that hold us back and forget who we are.

    Thank you Cindy for this most awakening post into our soul’s work!!!

  5. Another excellent post dear friend. And such an important one because aren’t we so often trying to become better versions of ourselves? Life is about love, but it’s also about continually finding balance & peace & forgiveness so that love can flow. I have found throughout my life that when I am working on something that I want to change that it really helps me to journal about it. This way I can reread what I’ve written, and see where I got screwed up, and what caused me to screw up, and get back on track-and closer to making the changes my heart it encouraging me to make.

    Another beauty Cyn. Great reminder about forgiveness especially. Thank you again and again and again. XO

  6. Great post Cindy! You are right it all begins with you; knowing and communicating with your Higher Power, learning to like and love yourself, being willing to forgive yourself. It is the foundation for all else.

  7. I love what you wrote! so true! We do have to forgive ourselves and others to really move to a better place. Everyone is learning in life and if it ends up hearting you its all a part the plan of healing ourselves and others. Thanks Sis!! Love You!! 🙂

  8. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! We are all learning in this mysterious, miraculous life! I have to say, I love the” typo” (or was it?:) in your line Patty, “Everyone is learning in life and it if ends up HEARTING you it’s all a part of the plan..” We know we’re on a healing path if the hurts grow our hearts:) Love you all!!

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