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He Touched Me

It’s Monday, and you know what that means?!  Music!!  This is a Barbra Streisand favorite of mine…”He Touched Me”, sung by Ms. Streisand back in 1968.  My sisters and I used to sing these show tunes as we moved through our house, way back when.  The pink Tickle deodorant bottle was our microphone as we belted it out!  Possibly the most romantic, heartbreaking, fun album I’ve ever heard.  I’ve loved Barbra, her music, her persona, her voice for many, many years…enjoy this treasure.

The Quick- Fix Syndrome

My Father used to say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it ALWAYS is!”  In our age of quick-fix and immediate gratification, my Father’s words of wisdom have helped  me stay my course.   I remind my own children that it takes hard work and dedication to create anything of value.  This isn’t easy to do when society and the media promote having just about anything at your fingertips.  It may be promoted but it is full of false promises.  Take this pill and all your problems will go away, play this game and it will fill you, let us give you money and all your debt will disappear.  Too good to be true?  Evidence proves the answer is yes.

Staying your course and sticking to a plan in reaching your goals isn’t as grueling as some may think.  In fact, my experience has been that you get there quicker than attempting various schemes that distract you from your course, having to start all over again.  Keep your eye on the prize, one foot in front of the other, and focus on what it is you want to accomplish.  Is it a business, starting a family, living a healthier lifestyle?  A plan needs to be mapped out and followed, and it doesn’t all need to happen in a day!  I remind my clients that it takes patience and perseverance to truly meet their desires.  If one is dealing with depression when they walk in my office, I don’t immediately turn to an anti-depressant for healing, we work on the daily practice of self-healing first.  Do some feel impatient as they work through the process?  Of course, and it is all part of their learning experience.  Learning patience is a skill that gives one strength to meet their needs, keeping disappointment and expectations at bay.  Trusting the power of intention and the vast universe opens the horizon for many gifts to come your way.

Sail your ship, when the storms come gather your crew, keep your hands on the wheel, use your appropriate sails, and allow the wind to guide you.  You will coast smoothly into your destination.

The Feeling of Fitness

Do you pay attention to how you feel after a good workout?  Whether it’s going for a hike, doing a full-out workout, riding your bike,  hiking a mountain or taking the stairs, there is a feeling you get when your heart is pumping and your endorphins are moving through your body.  For me, it is a feeling of lightness, strength and joy.  Add a healthy diet with a little bit of sunshine mixed in and it’s a feeling of euphoria!

Below is a workout I did with my trainer yesterday.  I love interval workouts, in a short period of time your body is working to a maximum, and you feel it!  All total, my body was working hard for 7.5 minutes, with equal rest, and yes, my heart was pumping!  I’ve also been combining more weight work (10 pound bar bells) to increase my strength.  There is something about feeling inner strength when my outer frame is firm.  It absolutely increases one’s self-esteem, naturally.  After my workout I drank a green smoothie (yum!), got my hair cut, and indulged in a relaxing pedicure…what a day!  The sun was shining and my sunroof was open with my favorites tunes playing.  Enjoy all the senses God gave you, you will feel ec-static when you do!  Extend yourself to the universe and it will surround you with all the nature of LOVE…

Here is a sample of my workout yesterday, created by my trainer, Dr. Vice.  For more information on his workouts and healthy living see his website at

This is a fun 30:30 bodyweight interval workout.  For anyone who thinks you can’t get a good workout with using your own bodyweight, give this little circuit a go!

Warm-up first, then proceed to workout…

30 sec work : 30 sec rest

1. Squat Jumps

2. Lunge (with left foot forward)

3. Lunge (right foot forward)

4. Push-Ups

5. Mountain Climbers

Perform 1-5 in order, then repeat for a least 3 circuits = 15 min workout.  Don’t cheat on the rest periods!  30 seconds of ALL OUT WORK with strict form…ALWAYS remember quality over quantity…then 30 seconds of rest.  Pretty simple workout but I am sure this will get the heart racing!

Cool Down/Stretch

Then when the body is ready, drink a green smoothie!!!

Roll Like Water

Most of us have heard the expression, “it rolled like water off a duck’s back”.  Imagine that duck emerging from the lake, the water beading and rolling clear off the duck with its feathery softness completely dry.  Total separation from the liquid that just surrounded him.  Now, imagine this same separation for you as you emerge from an environment that is drowning your energy.  So many of us take on the energy, criticism, and responsibility of others.  The beauty of knowing it is all an illusion is just that, you can take it on and play the scene in your head, over and over, or you can hit the eject button and release yourself.  Don Miguel Ruiz speaks of this in The Four Agreements. In the second agreement, “Don’t Take Anything Personally”, he reminds us that everyone has their own experiences and their own movie playing in their heads.  When someone says something hurtful to you, it is almost always more about them than you.  They bring their life experience and expectations to the table and want to include you in their drama.  It is ALWAYS up to you whether you play a part in it or not.  Your choice, no one else s.  Remember, NO ONE has the ability to rattle you unless you give them permission!

As you separate yourself from others thoughts and control attempts, your strength builds as you connect more intensely to Source.  Your beautiful bubble of Spirit protects your light and keeps the darkness at bay.  You are never alone in this light.  Your thoughts are safe and secure with the knowledge that you are surrounded with love and guidance.  Sit in the quiet and breathe into the strength and love of  Spirit.  As my friend Maria often says, it reminds her of that MC Hammer song, “Can’t Touch This!”  Right on, Maria!

Let it roll, my friends, and the serenity never ends.


As requested by my friend, Kevin, here is “Summertime” sung by Sam Cooke.  It was written in 1935 by George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin and Dubose Howard.  Recorded by many greats from Billie Holiday to John Coltrane to Peter Gabriel.  Perfect song to spring into the summer solstice!  How did you do that Kev?  Timing… here’s to  summertime!

For more summertime beauty see

Build Your House

What is success?  Is it in the house you see or is it in the one you feel?  We can spend so much time being motivated by the material we are able to accumulate but it is in the passion of inspiration that truly fills our inner sanctum.  When you are sitting with yourself feel what it is that creates passion within.  Write it down, read it, post it, imagine it, and it will come alive.

The house you build isn’t a quick fix, it takes time and perseverance.  Anything worth the treasure requires a firm foundation to build upon.  Line up your ducks and nurture each and every one of them until they are ready to fly!  Always remember, connection to Source is what will allow you to move forward.  When we force our desires too much, and allow ego to lead, we often end up on the cutting room floor.  Oftentimes, the ego wants it now before the hard work has been done.  The more we live in balance, with sanity, the clearer we will hear the message of the Divine.

Follow your passion, follow your love, allow it to come to you, build upon it, and enjoy your home.