Lightworker’s Love

“You are a lightworker if you: feel called to heal others; want to resolve the world’s social and environmental problems; believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation; have had mystical experiences, such as psychic premonitions or angelic encounters; have endured harsh life experiences that eroded the knowledge of your Divine perfection; want to heal your own life as a first step in healing the world; feel compelled to write, teach, or counsel about your healing experiences, or feel a sense of time urgency to fulfill your mission before you know that you are here for a higher purpose, or even if you are unsure what it is or how to fulfill it.”  ~Dr. Doreen Virtue

I have had the pleasure of knowing a handful of lightworkers in my life.  You cannot miss them. When you are in their presence their light shines bright upon you and warms your heart.  Their gift of love and kindness is like no other.  You feel a happiness that fills that little crack in your heart, and when you leave them the fulfillment lingers.  I can’t help but smile when I think of my friendships and encounters with lightworkers.  Appreciate these people when they come into your life as it takes energy to give as they do.  They need to feel the love, support and warmth from us too!  As we give to each other the world becomes a healthier, sunnier place for us all!

Blessings to all the lightworkers in my life.  I love you and appreciate your never-ending love!


6 thoughts on “Lightworker’s Love

  1. Cindy,
    As I read the first paragraph by Doreenn Virtue, I thought you wrote that!!!!

    You are a Lightworker and Healer and I am forever grateful for your presence in my life!
    I love You!

    May you be Blessed with all of God’s Magnificent Miracles!!!

    Your Light illuminates my heart!

  2. So true, so true. These people are the light that keeps burning all the time….I love being around these people…..Thank you for mentioning them. Love you.

  3. A Lightworkers heart-flame keeps shining no matter what comes along in life. I have found though the years that the most simple of things can brighten someone elses heart. Just a kind gesture of putting your hand on a shoulder to let someone know you care and understand. Healers and Lightworkers have a presence.

  4. How funny, all of you who have commented have been beautiful, amazing Lightworkers in my life! I thank you all from the tip of my toes to the top of my heart! I Love you all….keep shedding your light! (although, I know you can’t help but do that:) xoxoxoxo

  5. Labels are funny aren’t they? I always check to see- do I fit or is it just my imagination? We attract those who meet our vibrational level. Sometimes that can be a bit scary, but if the shoe fits wear it!!

    • Labels are funny, Barbara. Esp. in our left brain’s thoughts, where we think linearly. We definitely attract those at our vibrational level, which is why I love hangin’ out with the “Lightworkers”! haha. Sometimes, however, my vibrations sink to other levels, but it’s never too late to get back to what is preferable. For me, I LOVE the LIGHT!!!

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