Reaching the High Self

“Each of us is divided into three selves: a low self, a middle self, and a High Self.  The low self is ego, which is pleasure bound.  The middle self is mediator, which is truth bound.  The High Self is God, who is the Great Redeemer.  To find your High Self, you must be clear to hear the voice of inspiration – the God part of you.  To be clear means to rid yourself of the chaos that stifles the still, small voice of intuition.”  ~Albert Clayton Gaulden from You’re Not Who You Think You Are: A Breakthrough Guide to Discovering the Authentic You

What is your purpose here on earth?  Each of us has a High Self that is connected to the Divine, it’s just a matter of tapping into the lessons we are meant to learn and the love we are meant to give.  The ego, the mediator, and God are all a part of being.  We have a choice as to which we experience while we exist in these bodies.

Some choose very painful lives and live predominantly through ego.  As I have said before, the ego has it’s purpose, it can provide the drive we need to accomplish certain things in life, but when we are ruled by it it can be fatal.  If used wisely, the experiences of the ego can teach you lessons which allow you to move into the truth of the mediator.

The middle self tows the rope of honesty.  Honesty with oneself.  As the middle self learns the lessons of the ego you become more open-minded, and open-hearted.  Therein lies the TRUTH.  The middle self carries you from darkness to light, as the clouds begin to part.  All becomes clearer, somehow.  You begin to think more in terms of WE instead of ME.  We are all ONE, sharing this experience.  Living life with love and acceptance of all.

The High Self is God.  God is the connection to that power light that extends from you out into the universe.  It is your angels, guides, Source, the Divine.  Call on God as you sit in the quiet. Listen. Tap into your intuitive self as you ask for guidance to serve your purpose here on earth.  Meditate, ask, pray, breathe….let go and allow….you will be guided.  Your High Self will thank you as well as all surrounding you.  Serving your purpose here on earth.

7 thoughts on “Reaching the High Self

  1. This is Great Cindy!

    The Ego, Truth, and God!

    How it is all interconnected to find your purpose here on earth!

    What a Divine plan!

    When you live from your Ego you are experiencing identity difficulties. Who am I?
    You are in constant battle with Self!

    When you find your Truth you become awakened on who you really are. You begin to love yourself!

    When you live from Love/God place everything feels light and peaceful.

    There is a flow that occurs that is continuous.

    It is Grace!

  2. Cindy, this is really a wonderful revelation. Sitting quietly before God in quiet meditation, I think, is the first step to achieving the strength, fortitude, and longevity needed to find & live out our purpose in this life. It can be so difficult at times…probably because we just get in the way. I know that I need to just be still and know that He is God. There is an appointed time for everything! Thank you for this site, my beautiful friend. xo

  3. Wonderful to see you on here, Lisa! I agree, when we “get out of God’s way” all miraculously falls into place in a way that we could never imagine possible. The ego doesn’t want to believe that, but it’s true. It’s afraid to free fall but life has taught me fear entangles, trust is freeing! Blessings to you Lisa…xoxoxo

  4. Cindy, I knew you as a child and have been guided to find you again at this time through a spirit guide. I am amazed. May I send you a private email? ~Melissa Mullen

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