No Pain, No Gain

Thought for the day…

How do you view difficulties in your life?  Do you view them only as hardships or do you view them as a challenge?  There’s always a lesson to be learned in the pain we experience.  You can either lie down and be defeated, or you can gather your inner strength, stand up again, and get in the game.  Every experience in life is just that.  An experience to help you grow to the next level.

Embrace all that comes to you and know that there is a purpose for YOU!


7 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain

  1. So true! Most of my life I have been living it as though there was no hope!! It wasn’t till recently that I discovered that things happen for a reason and no matter how bad or how sad things may seem, in the end it all manages to work out!! Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. For most of my life I did view difficulties as a hardship. Now I look at them as a chance to see how fast I can find a solution- sort of like saying so there to the universe! “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

  3. Without pain we could not learn who we are.

    Life would be empty without it.

    In fact why else would we incarnate on this planet if not to learn how to deal with hardships and difficulties.

    Our soul is here to see if we can learn what it is that we showed up for.

    If we view our pain as punishment and become resentful for it then we are not seeing the higher purpose for all of it.

    Pain is our teacher and is connected to to all things!
    Pain equals Love!!!

  4. Life just isn’t easy sometimes but it is all about attitude. Ya’ can’t cry over spilt milk…just pick up the glass and fill it up again. 😉

  5. Wonderful to meet you, White Eagle! Our blogs and writings are very much in tune with each other, I thoroughly enjoyed reading yours this morning:) Adding you as a link. Have a blessed day…

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