The Power of Affirmations

What we think is what we become.  Who we spend time with is the vibrational energy we emit.  What we surround ourselves with is how we feel.  Where we spend our time manifests our life force.

My friend gave me a beautiful blue stone.  We call it my “Pisces” stone as it throws off the colors of the ocean.  It sits on the dashboard of my car, reminding me of our friendship and the ease of the cool big blue.

I have a thing for hearts and anything embracing light and love.  Simple things like the scent of a rose, the touch of a hand, the chirping of a bird, brings a smile to my face.  I don’t abhor darkness, as it is a part of life.  I deal with it, and I move on.

As I moved through the vinyasas in my yoga class this morning, I imagined letting go of all that I cannot control.  Feeling gratitude that life sends me these challenges to learn from.  When I released, my heart opened, creating a beautiful inner peace.

Now, I sit at my favorite cafe, eating my favorite artichoke soup, feeling joy as I write.  Soaking it all in.  Tonight, I’m meeting up with some wonderful friends I haven’t seen in a long time.  One thing I know for sure, there will be a lot of laughter in that room!

I’d say that this day is full of affirmations of joy, light, peace, health and LOVE.  Affirm your daily existence and breathe it in. You have the POWER to create the life you live!  You are what you think, feel, experience and believe…


12 thoughts on “The Power of Affirmations

  1. I absolutely love your post! It really does come down to the mind/body connections and how strong that connection really is. The ability for us to use that will determine the outcome. That was short and sweet 🙂

    • Hi Iris, I read your blog and love it! I’m adding you on my links as I think your information is primo:) Wish you lived closer so you could do some training with me…have a beautiful day!

  2. Cindy,

    What a beautiful day you had today! It exemplifies all that you wrote about!

    The mind is an amazing tool that can create positive light or negativity.

    It is a choice and a decision we make on a moment to moment basis.

    Energetically, the mind has the power to manifest a new reality if it chooses.

    It draws alot of energy within your system but if the thoughts are that of love and all that surrounds love, then the energy it takes to think those thoughts become less and less.

    If the thoughts are negative, then you will feel totally drained and depleted in a very short time upon awakening in the morning.

    It is about breaking the old tapes in our heads and creating new ones that compliment our lives.

  3. aw thank you cynthia for your kind words!

    i love your site, its so peaceful and calm 🙂 ill be visiting often!

  4. Thank-you for the reminders. I was sitting in my hot tub this weekend and my totem, hummingbird was hovering around me. I soaked it in and feel quite at peace now.

  5. Ahhh…hot tubs, hummingbirds and Heather….it doesn’t get any better than that! Hope your b’day was beyond sweet yesterday…thinking of you girlfriend! Much Love to you xoxoxo

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