Wonderful Tonight

In Clapton, The Autobiography, Eric Clapton reveals the scene behind this beautiful ballad. As he was waiting for his wife (Pattie) to get ready to go out to dinner he wrote the song in about 10 minutes.  The funny thing is that we all think of it as a love song,  when in reality, it was written out of frustration.  In his book, Eric states, “Look , you look wonderful, okay?  Please don’t change again.  We must go or we’ll be late.” He went on to say that he thought of the song as a little “ditty” until others told him otherwise.  In my opinion, “Wonderful Tonight” is one of the most moving, romantic love songs ever written.  Just goes to show, we all create our own beautiful illusions when listening to music and lyrics….

This video is quite a find; nothing like the feeling emanating from a guitar in EC’s hands…an angel’s voice springs forward mid-song to carry the wave of emotions….enjoy, my friends:)



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