Build Your House

What is success?  Is it in the house you see or is it in the one you feel?  We can spend so much time being motivated by the material we are able to accumulate but it is in the passion of inspiration that truly fills our inner sanctum.  When you are sitting with yourself feel what it is that creates passion within.  Write it down, read it, post it, imagine it, and it will come alive.

The house you build isn’t a quick fix, it takes time and perseverance.  Anything worth the treasure requires a firm foundation to build upon.  Line up your ducks and nurture each and every one of them until they are ready to fly!  Always remember, connection to Source is what will allow you to move forward.  When we force our desires too much, and allow ego to lead, we often end up on the cutting room floor.  Oftentimes, the ego wants it now before the hard work has been done.  The more we live in balance, with sanity, the clearer we will hear the message of the Divine.

Follow your passion, follow your love, allow it to come to you, build upon it, and enjoy your home.


One thought on “Build Your House

  1. Finding your center is a process.
    Once the balance is achieved life flows more gently.
    Everything is clearer and what was once important no longer serves you.
    You begin to see through new eyes and know that trusting your instincts is what will guide you through life from that day forward.

    I always think of the song by MC Hammer “Can’t Touch This” when I feel centered. As I know that nothing can get in my way that I cannot work through.

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