Roll Like Water

Most of us have heard the expression, “it rolled like water off a duck’s back”.  Imagine that duck emerging from the lake, the water beading and rolling clear off the duck with its feathery softness completely dry.  Total separation from the liquid that just surrounded him.  Now, imagine this same separation for you as you emerge from an environment that is drowning your energy.  So many of us take on the energy, criticism, and responsibility of others.  The beauty of knowing it is all an illusion is just that, you can take it on and play the scene in your head, over and over, or you can hit the eject button and release yourself.  Don Miguel Ruiz speaks of this in The Four Agreements. In the second agreement, “Don’t Take Anything Personally”, he reminds us that everyone has their own experiences and their own movie playing in their heads.  When someone says something hurtful to you, it is almost always more about them than you.  They bring their life experience and expectations to the table and want to include you in their drama.  It is ALWAYS up to you whether you play a part in it or not.  Your choice, no one else s.  Remember, NO ONE has the ability to rattle you unless you give them permission!

As you separate yourself from others thoughts and control attempts, your strength builds as you connect more intensely to Source.  Your beautiful bubble of Spirit protects your light and keeps the darkness at bay.  You are never alone in this light.  Your thoughts are safe and secure with the knowledge that you are surrounded with love and guidance.  Sit in the quiet and breathe into the strength and love of  Spirit.  As my friend Maria often says, it reminds her of that MC Hammer song, “Can’t Touch This!”  Right on, Maria!

Let it roll, my friends, and the serenity never ends.


10 thoughts on “Roll Like Water

  1. So perfectly said! We often get caught up in drama which ultimately never leads to peace. I find when I’m getting caught up in drama, I TRY to distance myself from the moment. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but in the end, when I do, I remember who I am. Thanks, Cin! I love the duck analogy!

    • Great post Cindy!

      I love the duck analogy too! I visualized it clearly!
      I also got a clear vision of ’emerging from your enviroment as it is drowning your energy’!
      That vision of one emerging from the negativity that engulfs them is so absolutely freeing!

      Other’s drama is very wearing on ones energy system! It zaps the spirit right out of you!
      Removing yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is very challenging sometimes.
      Once one learns how to gain their power back and not let others hurt them is the moment when you have loved yourself completely and know that others issues are not yours!

      I learned this well in my lifetime and had MANY Teachers of negativity and pain which would be projected onto me.

      No more, “Can’t Touch This”!


    • Thank you all for your wonderful, insightful comments. I believe this is a lifetime learning lesson for all of us, and when practiced, is very freeing indeed!

      I have to give credit to my client for the duck analogy…when he requested I write about this topic he expressed it by saying, “can you write about not taking on other people’s problems, like rolling off a ducks back?” I love that analogy too, what a great visual! Always a great exchange with my clients, I learn from them too:)

  2. Well done, Cynthia ! Nicely written. “illusion”, so true, reminds me of a line from a Paul Simon song. ” “it’s all inside your head” she said to me” . We don’t know what people are really thinking and we often twist ourselves up by worring about something that’s probably not even true.

  3. “…The answer is easy if you take it logically
    I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free
    There must be 50 ways to leave your lover….”

    Ha! Good one Paul…..

    Life IS an illusion, might as well create a kick a– great one!:D

  4. Great post Cyn. One of your best ones ever girlfriend. Such a great reminder & perfect imagery with the duck about not letting other people’s poison or bad energy get on us. You gave me the Four Agreements book years ago and I always say that we all have totally different tapes running through our heads but it’s been so long that I have been saying it that I had forgotten where I got it from. It’s such a great line to share with people but especially teenagers. I wish I had had known it back then.
    Also love “hittting the eject button”. That’s like changing the channel 🙂

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