He Touched Me

It’s Monday, and you know what that means?!  Music!!  This is a Barbra Streisand favorite of mine…”He Touched Me”, sung by Ms. Streisand back in 1968.  My sisters and I used to sing these show tunes as we moved through our house, way back when.  The pink Tickle deodorant bottle was our microphone as we belted it out!  Possibly the most romantic, heartbreaking, fun album I’ve ever heard.  I’ve loved Barbra, her music, her persona, her voice for many, many years…enjoy this treasure.



4 thoughts on “He Touched Me

  1. Lol!!1 I have been listening to Barbara Striesand all morning while doing my paperwork for the office! Higher Ground Cd. Very soulful!
    I love this song “He Touched Me” and all of her music.
    I had written a paper on her in 10th grade and had to do a oral report on it. As I was looking through the yearbook yesterday I saw that my english teacher had signed it saying…”May you make many fantastic speeches in your life.”
    So I guess I have been soulfully touched by Barbara Streisand and all her Beauty since I was a young girl too.
    My microphone was a brush!
    Thank you Cindy for this post as Barbara continues through my day! xoxoxo

    • Haha, of course you were listening to Barbra, Maria! She is wonderful in so many ways, very true to herself. I’m all ears for your speeches! I know you have some helpful, soulful, love-full teachings for us:) xoxoxo

      Mar and Patty, I think we need to buy this CD and sing it at the reunion…along with Norm, Tim and their guitars:D p.s. I wonder if they still sell the Tickle?? Love you chickies

  2. Memries,
    Like the corners of my mind
    Misty water-colored memories
    Of the way we were
    Scattered pictures…..

    Thanks for bringing back the good memories. Those were the days. See you soon!

  3. Love it!! Yes I loved the tickle deoderant bottle:) Many great memories and love Barbara!! We need to sing some tunes at the reunion!! Looking forward to great times @ the reunion:) Love You, Patty

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