Self Love

“Usually humans go into relationships as the hunter. They
look for what they feel they need, hoping to find what they need in the other person,
only to find that it’s not there. When you enter a relationship without this
need, it’s a different story.” The Mastery of Love ~ Don Miguel Ruiz
Reach inward today…sit with yourself and reflect on what it is that brings you peace.  Feel the sun, take in the mountains, wade in the water and feel Spirit’s whisper in your ear.  All you need is right here, right now.  Wishing you all a blessed day….

10 thoughts on “Self Love

  1. Hi Barbara, there is a Buddhist saying…”Look at your feet.” That’s where we are, and that’s exactly where we are meant to be. Stop searching and BE. Just BE. I like it. Sure takes a lot of pressure off the illusion that we are in control….

  2. Until we find that beautiful place called Love we will continue to feel the void deep within.
    Love of self from the highest place is the most wonderful gift we can open inside ourselves. Ahhhh… God Love!
    There is nothing like it ‘out’ there.
    It resides in all of us and once found life becomes a wonder every moment of everyday.

  3. This has been such a wonderful thinking time with all these loved ones I have been seeing during my stay in Seattle….life is full and happy and light and this opens your eyes to all that you have with you….peace and comfort from all. My life is my gift to myself and I love every moment I can share with my loved ones.

  4. If you enter a relationship to find fullfillment you’re setting yourself up to fail. Looking for your other half is a wobbley hope. If you enter as a person pleased with yourself and your life you’ll most likely attract similar people and your chances are much greater. Two people standing on solid ground can do great things with that foundation !

  5. Paul, how did you get so smart?! Beautifully stated, succinct and right on! I love your vision of “wobbley hope”…so true, my friend. The more we focus on our true selves the more we will attract those compatible with us. Enjoy your day….and btw, I’m seeing a lot of REAL bikers out here in Oregon:)

    • Bikers or cyclists ? There’s a difference. Bikers are fat n smelly n ride motorcycles. Cyclists ride bicycles n r skinny n smelly, lol.

      Me smart ? Nah, I just paid attention to a very wise friend 😉

  6. Funny, I wondered if there was a different term for the people that ride those bikes where you actually get exercise….yes, I mean the true blue cyclists! They are everywhere out here…on the mountains, roads, beaches…ah, healthy livin’! I know you’ve traveled these happy trails:)

    And bikers…I know some very cool smelly Harley poppers! (don’t ask, I just made it up;)

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