You’ve Gotta Get Real to Heal

Denial. Don’t Even K(n)ow I Am Lying.  Great acronym, isn’t it?    When we repress the hurts that have happened in our lives they continue to live inside of us.  Whether you are conscious of it or not, these painful experiences will manifest their way into your life, causing more harm and roadblocks to your recovery.  In order to open the pathway to healing you must face these demons.  As difficult as it may appear to you, you will discover that confronting these fears only shed light on what you need to move on.  Running from your past keeps you stuck as the pattern continues over and over again.

When you are ready, reach inside and find the courage to make peace with that burning dragon.  Make peace with your pain and the pain you have inflicted upon others.  Yes, not dealing with your emotional challenges not only hurts you but also loved ones in your life.  Uncovering all that is buried can be difficult but in the long run it is a road worth traveling.  When you discard the dead weight you make room for a beautiful garden to flourish.    Only then will you be kinder to yourself and those around you.

You will know when you are truly ready to make these changes.  Some people reach  “bottom” before they break the earth.  Some are at death’s door.  Some never make it.  For those of you reading this who need to make changes, you know who you are.  Denial or not, deep inside, you know.  May you find the strength to conquer the darkness that lies within.  There is a light inside of you that is yearning to shine upon you and brighten your path.  Find assistance, do the work that needs to be done,  and life will hold a whole new candle for you.


8 thoughts on “You’ve Gotta Get Real to Heal

  1. Cindy,

    This is wonderful!
    I love the acyronym “I Don’t Even K (n) ow I Am Lying”!!!
    This is the truth…lol!
    I have been around so many people in my life that remain in Denial!
    To watch this experience of Denial is really painful and frustrating!
    The only person who can correct it is the person in it. They need to look within and find courage to face the pain that they are feeling.

    There are so many tools to help one with this.
    They need to take the first step.

    Denial is a safe place to stay in your psyche, but a dangerous one at that.
    Denial creates illness as the pain stays buried in the cells of the body and has no where to exit.
    Denial escapes you of your Light.
    Don’t fear your Light, Embrace it!

    • Maria, your final paragraph is so right on! We can create an illusion that we are living a healthy life by paying attention to diet & exercise but if we don’t feed the heart and emotions we are missing the boat! We all need to be aware of that light shining from the lighthouse and follow it!

      • I love that Cindy!

        “We all need to be aware of that light shining from the lighthouse and follow it!” Beautiful!

        This is something everyone needs to understand exactly what you said about eating healthy and exercising but also addressing your inner pain/emotions.

        They are all linked together.

        We are only putting a pretty bandage on ourselves when we only focus on our outer appearance.
        We all must open our wounds, take the bandages off and regenerate all of the inner and outer layers of the body, mind and spirit.

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