Reinventing Self

I had a great conversation with my oldest brother, Norm, as we walked the streets of Seattle during our family reunion.  We talked about how a life worth living is a life where you never give up on reinventing yourself.  A life where you tap into your creativity and explore what stirs that drive inside, that excitement that rises when you know it is right for you, and that connection your creation has to others in your surroundings.

Reinvention is an ongoing process.  Think about where you were ten years ago compared to now.  We are constantly reinventing, but the key to the process is to realize the value in reaching for your heart’s desire versus settling for what you know is not working for you anymore.  Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but fear held you back?  Think about taking that first step, you may be pleasantly surprised when you do.

When I started my practice I had no idea where I was going with it.  I jumped in and allowed my intellect and Spirit to guide me.  One thing led to another and I learned along the way.  When I started this blog, I barely knew what a blog was.  I googled WordPress and explored set up until it was done.  My recent radio interview was started with an email and it took off from there.  It has peaked my interest and I’m currently exploring other radio opportunities.  Oh, and I still want to learn to play guitar!  Interestingly, that’s how Norm and I got into this conversation. He is an amazing guitarist who writes his own music and lyrics.  He was telling me how he became involved with this group called Bread and Roses.  It was developed by Joan Baez with the idea of giving with your heart and musical talents.  Musicians travel around to nursing facilities and play for the residents.  Norm was telling me how the gift of giving bounces back.  The connection and appreciation he feels with these wise older owls is overwhelming.  They truly FEEL his music and tune in to his tunes.  Both the player and the listener have an exchange that fills them more than all the material wealth in the world.  When you get this, and know this feeling, no THING can touch you.  It is an island unto itself.  Giving service is so important in any invention.  It is a reminder that the true filling is in the giving.

What is it that you have been thinking about reinventing lately?  Take that first step.  Breathe in deep, eyes wide open, and GO!  The learning is in the experience.  You just might be surprised by what you find.


11 thoughts on “Reinventing Self

  1. I really envy the closeness that you and your siblings share. You must have had great parents to instill so much love and respect for each other.
    Re post: Everyday we have two choices- stay right where we are or make plans to move forward.

  2. Beautifully written entry. Thank you. I also blog and speak about reinvention and it’s amazing to me how many people are fearful. Rationally, I know it’s scary, but to me it’s more frightening to remain in the status quo, “settling” as you say. There are steps people can take and they can do it slowly. The key is to be ready to at least put your toe in the water.

    Nice to know you’re out there as well.

  3. Cindy,

    I love that you want to learn how to play guitar!
    I am sure you are as musically talented as your brothers!
    The gifts of the Wientraub family……ahhh!

    What a great gift to have talented musicans go play there music in nursing homes!
    I have seen a few around her in California at some of the sites I go to do home therapy.
    The residents are so animated and lit up during the music.
    It brings them back to the days when they could dance and move their body freely.
    What a God given way to Give Back!

    Fear can always hold us back in re-creating ourselves.
    Our highest potential lies in our choices that are filled with trust and faith.
    What an exciting world this would be if everyone released their fears and choose trust.

    Cindy, you show others what it is like to truly follow your heart and blossom all the creativity that lies deep within you!

    You are an Beautiful inspiration to us all!



  4. Great timing….I want to start a needlework program at Roswell Park….to get people involved in doing something and talking about what is happening in their lives. I was also thinking about a few cooking demonstrations that would be helpful for all…Good healthy choices and lots of laughs. We all need to laugh and smile.

    I think reinvention is so important and well worth the thoughts and desires……

  5. Wanda n I just put our toes in the waters of mobile mechanical support and I have to say it was amazing ! The week went better than we dared hope. Round two is next week and we’re really excited about it. Working outside of the shop helping people complete their big adventure was incredibley rewarding. Exhausting but rewarding. And, as you mention, we were unknowingly networking and now have preliminary negotiations in the works to support a tour in Tanzania !

    Amazingly wonderful and sobering events took place last week that highlighted that life is short and fleeting so get out there and chase your dreams! If your talents and heart are in it, you will succeed.

    it’ll work for you!

  6. Barbara~ I love your statement, “We have 2 choices, stay right where we are or move forward.” So true, and as simple as that. And yes, like any family, we had our struggles to work through, but that is the key….working through it.

    Ann~ wonderful to see you out there too. As you know, I visited your blog and truly enjoyed your thoughts on reinvention. Sometimes, that’s all one needs, a supportive coach to encourage and help calm the illusion of fear.

    Maria~ I hope I’m as naturally talented as my brothers with the guitar! I WILL be learning…just another invention to add to my life:) And yes, Norm actually does Bread and Roses in the San Fran/Bay area. It must be throughout Cali.

    Lou~ Ahhhh…IN LOVE…can’t lose with that feeling!! 😀 What a beautiful, right on, metaphor…you creative woman!

    Cindy~ How wonderful you want to start this program with Roswell! Provides purpose, socialization, and yes, lots of laughs! Talk about a healing environment….so much looking forward to hearing more:)

    Paul~ This new venture of yours is awesome!! I knew your connection with Wanda was one of enlightenment;) A tour in Tanzania?! You go guy! And I better get a post card:) And yes, my friend, “if your talents and heart are in it” you will absolutely succeed. Never give up!

  7. ahhh yes the re-union and wedding in Seattle….we didn’t do much talkin’ this time around Cindy…but the words that we shared on the street in Seattle were right from the Source….that place that we pull our dreams from and turn them into reality…or at least our perception of it. There are no walls to break down with you sister…just a flow of positive energy that makes it easy to speak of dreams and fulfillment of those dreams….so happy to run into you on this road

    • It was a nice run-in wasn’t it? And something that has stayed with me…one of those defining moments in time. Just like the time you were the invisible Santa on the roof of our old farmhouse….Ho Ho Ho! I’ll never forget it:) Thank you for being my brother and teacher…Love you Norm

  8. ……thought perhaps I could leave the lyrics to a song that I wrote inspired by one group of folks that I play for….I can’t seem to play it for them , although I’ve tried… without tears coming to my eyes…

    Old Friends

    It took a long time, to find you my old friends…. every minute of every day

    And along the way, I was thinkin’ I’m so glad I’m in it…

    As I look around and see, all these friends here with me

    Look at you all, just like heros in the wind…Even though you think no one can see

    It’s been a long road I know, but I see your heart’s still in it

    Lead us on, even though, you think no one can see


    But, I see you, and how you shine for me..there with your sweet smile , dancing with the night

    I see you, and how you shine for me……there on the front line, walking toward the light


    So many keys I’ve tried, and just about every one of them.. …opens up the same old door

    But this new key I’ve found is really something special

    ‘Cause it brings me to a place I’ve never been before

    Look at you all, my heros in the wind…Even though you think no one can see

    It’s been a long road I know, but I see your heart’s still in it

    Lead us on, even though, you think no one can see


    But I see you, and how you shine for me…there with your sweet smile , dancing with the night

    I see you, and how you shine for me……there on the front line, walking toward the light

    • How beautiful is this song…yet another masterpiece. I’d love to hear it with your guitar! Speaking of…haven’t gotten a CD in a while…I think it’s time:) Sending love to you my brother and friend….xoxoxo

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