Spiritual Healing

I’m so happy to let you all know that my sweet and wonderful friend, Maria, has started a website/blog titled Spiritual Healing.  This fits Maria to a tee as she heals so many hearts with her love, empathy and compassion.  When I am around Maria’s energy I can’t help but smile and feel a warmth in my heart!  You will experience this too when you visit her site.  It is full of beauty, love, and yes, HEALING.  You can’t help but feel calm and relaxed when you finish reading her words.  More centered, somehow.  Some people just have that knack of giving love and they fill the room with light…this is Maria!

If you are in need of a spiritual lift today, or would just like to visit something and someone of beauty, visit Maria at http://spiritualhealing.yolasite.com

You can also find Maria on my list of links under the title, Spiritual Wellness.

Wishing you all a JOY-FULL day!


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Healing

  1. Cindy,

    All I want to say to you is THANK YOU from the deepest place in my Heart for this Beautiful post today!

    You are the Most Beautiful friend and soul!

    I Love You!

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