Who Are You?

Tell me, who are you?  Okay, so that rockin’ Who song, “Who Are You?”  keeps playing in my head, but really, who are YOU?  Have you ever thought about your spiritual, emotional and physical self just as it is?  Without all the layers of life, expectations, images, and labels?  Strip away the descriptions of job title,  spouse, parent, daughter, son, partner, athlete, coach, connoisseur, traveler….you get the idea, the labels we use to describe who we are and what we do.  Take some time to think about yourself existing without any outer labels.  What are you feeling?  Who comes to your mind?  In this state of “being” in stillness you welcome all energy that exchanges with self.  You actually are able to tune in to what your needs are in this silence.  No pulling to perform as mom or employee or son.  Just you on your own desert island.  Imagine the possibilities when you can think, feel and BE in silence!

Give yourself some time to ponder.  Allow your thoughts to wander.  Your life really is yours, it’s a matter of reaching within to live without to the fullest.


6 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. I believe in my own unlimited potential. I believe that there will be good in everything that happens to me from now on. I live with acceptance and in perfect grace.

    A dear friend helped me put this together while I was healing….it is just me. I have this up in my room to read and see everyday to remind me who I am.

  2. This is wonderful Cindy,

    The labels we place on ourself hide the essence of who we are.

    Those are the roles we play in life and act out.

    But the true person lies deep within awaiting to express all their beauty to the world!

    All my love to You Cindy,

  3. Titles or labels don’t define WHO we are, but our ability to rise after falling does.

    “…be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those what matter don’t mind” ~Dr.Seuss;-)

  4. What would I ever do without my wonderful, amazing friends? I continue to learn from each and every one of your statements. Thank you for carrying your own angels’ wings, and for being my teachers here on this earth….Namaste

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