The Purpose in Living

How do you know when you are living “on purpose”?  The universe always lets you know.  Your life seems to flow effortlessly, all endeavors seem to fall into place and you feel centered and at peace.  When you experience this flow an inner strength ensues and you feel nothing can pull you off your thread.  When we are mindful of this, and accept it with grace and gratitude, the flow continues….until the human side of life steps in.

As spiritual beings living a human existence, the reality is that we all fall off our thread at times in our lives.  The important thing to remember is that it really is okay.  It’s called life and experiencing all it has to offer.  Some experiences are dark and some are light.  Take what you need in this learning and leave the rest.  It’s never too late to step back on your purpose train and feel the power behind your soul’s engine.  N0-thing in life is a failure, they are all simply lessons along your path in finding your way.  Your way, no one elses.

In living your purpose there will be many bumps in the road.  Continue to live, repair the bumps as you move along, with time and heart the road will open up for a smoother ride.  Your purpose is now.

“Try not to try too hard, it’s just a lovely ride…”  ~James Taylor, The Secret O’ Life

5 thoughts on “The Purpose in Living

  1. This is Beautiful Cindy!

    I love what you wrote …”It’s never too late to step back on your purpose train and feel the power behind your soul’s engine”.

    This is so filled with truth!

    Your soul always guides you through your life’s purpose.
    There is no right or wrong in life, only learning wisdom and truth.

    Life is a joyous adventure with every experience we have.

    It is all part of our beautiful purpose on earth!

    Love you!

  2. JT’s great line “Try not to try too hard, it’s just a lovely ride…” reminds me of this other good one- “Perfection is one of the highest forms of self abuse.” I love this!

    Great post Cynthia my dear.

  3. I LOVE your 3 L’s, Raven. Simply live, laugh & love….which is what I will be doing when I see you next week!!! So much looking forward to “being” with you once again my dear friend:) xoxoxo

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