An Optimum Spine Equals Optimum Health

Join me tomorrow, August 28th, 12pm-1pm on WWLZ 820am, The Talk Station!  My guest will be Dr. Bob Berry from Advanced Family Chiropractic.  We will be covering many topics on chiropracty and overall wellness, including how an optimum spine equals optimum health. Calls are encouraged and welcomed during the show @ 607-732-4820 or 1-866-732-4820.

Next week, my guest will be Sarah, an intuitive medium who will be answering questions and providing mini-readings for those of you calling in, so get your questions ready!

Looking forward to hearing from you…as always, providing help, hope and healing.  Wishing you all a day full of light, life & love!


5 thoughts on “An Optimum Spine Equals Optimum Health

  1. Thank you so much, Maria! I don’t know what I would do without your love and support, you are an AMAZING friend! LOVE YOU!!

    P.s. still working out the kinks with getting the show on my blog…I will let you know when I do!

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