How Healthy Are You?

Tune in tomorrow, Sept. 18th, to Help, Hope & Healing Talk Radio, WWLZ820am, 12pm-1pm ESTMy guest will be Dr. Vice Lujan who will be educating us on overall wellness in exercise, nutrition, beauty products, and so much more!

Below is a sneak peek of  Dr. Vice’s 2010 Health Quiz.  More unveiling of myths, discerning fact from fiction, and overall health benefits to come!  Listen in and find out if your answers match Dr. Vice’s.  As always, calls are welcome at 607-732-4820 0r 1-866-732-4820 during the show.  Get your questions ready, nationwide calls are also welcomed!

· Coconut Water or Sports Drinks: Which is Better?
· Artificial Colors: Harmful or Harmless?
· Caloric Restriction: Harmful or Harmless?
· Hypnotherapy for Health: Worth It or Worthless?
· How Much Do Doctors Know About Nutrition?
· What are the Nutritional Deficiencies Between Omnivores vs. Vegans?
· Jump Rope or Running: Which has greater time efficient fat burn?
· Shower Filters: Worth It or Worthless?
· Which Foods Have Cholesterol?
· Cancer Reversal Through Diet?
· Kettlebell Training for Strength and Weight Loss: Worth It or Worthless?
· What Time of Day Should You Not Do Stretching?


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