Vibration Station

“The basis of your life is freedom; the purpose of your life is joy”

~The Teachings of Abraham, by Jerry and Esther Hicks

The above quote is one of the twelve teachings of Abraham-Hicks, a powerful synopsis of the law of attraction, intention, creation, and all universal energy.  The vibrational energy we send out into the universe is exactly what returns to us.  What we focus on comes to be.  If our intention is to freely give love, that love will naturally flow back to us.  If we view life as one big struggle, we will naturally experience life as difficult.

It is your choice how you envision your everyday life and who you choose to include in your circle of  friends.  Just remember, what you think, eat, breathe, live, spend your time with, creates the environment you are living in right now.  If you choose light, love, laughter, this will be.  If you choose darkness, negativity, sadness, so be it.

Enter the energy you wish to live, set the intention you dare to dream, create the environment that surrounds your desires, and imagine….just imagine.

2 thoughts on “Vibration Station

  1. Cindy,

    I love this as it holds only truth!

    Thoughts and intentions are very powerful on a energetic level.
    Every thought carries a feeling with it.
    The feeling is what gives the thought a positive or negative charge.
    This charge of energy is sent out to the universe and is electrified.
    It bounces back into your energy field and returns with what was felt through thought.
    The results of either negative or positive energy.
    The universe holds all the answers.
    We just need to tap into them with love.


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