Gaia Girls, WWLZ820am Radio Show, 9-25-10

For those of you interested in listening to my show with Lee Welles, author of the award-winning Gaia Girls series, you can tune in by going to the category “AM-WWLZ820 Talk Radio” and click on the link, “Yoga, Gaia Girls, midlife changes, “radical” forgiveness, & the authentic self.”

Namaste and have a beauteous day!

2 thoughts on “Gaia Girls, WWLZ820am Radio Show, 9-25-10

  1. Paul, how dare you miss my show on such a gorgeous day! lol

    Yes, it is archived under the category “AM-WWLZ820 Talk Radio”, titled “Yoga, Gaia Girls, midlife changes, “radical” forgiveness & the authentic self.” Just click on that link;)

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