Friendships and Funny Bones

I asked my girls last night, “What should I write about, girlfriend fun, manifestation, or ego and attachment?”  Girlfriend fun won, hands down.  Out of the mouths of babes.  The other topics will come, but I think we all need a reminder to surround ourselves with those we love and simply insert FUN into our lives!

I recently took a weekend girlfriend trip to NYC.  How long had it been since I sang in the car at the top of my lungs?  I must say, Susie and I harmonized pretty well.  Remembering all the words to Billy Joel, Dan Fogelberg, The Eagles, just to name a few.  Red lights in the city, cell phone snapshot time!  No, not of the sights, of our own silly poses!  And it didn’t stop when we joined Marjie, more pouty face, late night silly shots to come.  We were giddy and exhausted, and yes, completely enjoying each other.  There’s something to say about friendships that bring out the “girl” in you.  It allows you to be completely free with your authentic self.  No judgment, no have-to’s or supposed-to’s, only total acceptance.  Add doses of laughter and your package is complete.

I take a “Round Robin” trip with my girlfriends from high school every year.  We call ourselves the “RR” girls.  The term came from a circle of letters we’ve sent to each other over the past 30 years.  So many ups and downs, so many wonderful memories, some wild, fun times, some sad times, but always being there for each other, no matter what.  We’ve traveled to Boston, Maine, the Finger Lakes, Lake Placid, the hills of NY, Sedona, Las Vegas, Santa Cruz, Napa, and my home.  Many hikes, hot tubs, wild rides, late night talks, and interesting meets along the way tell the tale of the depth of our friendship.

Don’t pass it by.  Call a friend today, have a laugh, remember what brought you together, and relive it!  I’m so very thankful for ALL my girlfriends and the joy they bring me.  I am blessed!  You know who you are, sending you love and kisses today and everyday! Now let’s get out and PLAY!!!  xoxoxoxoxoxo


5 thoughts on “Friendships and Funny Bones

  1. What a great post….and how TRUE! It made me realize I need to do that MORE often! Life gets so busy and time passes so quickly that a couple years can easily go by without enjoying a weekend’s fun with “old” or even “new” friends. Thanks for the “keep things in perspective” reminder!

  2. This is beautiful Cindy!

    True friendships are the joy of life.
    They are without judgement and provide only
    I love what you wrote about your trip to NYC and singing your heart out with your girlfriends and also your Round Robin trips with your beautiful childhood friends!
    That is pure joy of the heart!

    Thank you for our friendship Cindy. You know my gratitude for you for all that you are!
    I love you! xoxoxo

  3. THIS IS GREAT….SOUNDS LIKE all of us in Seattle….it is the best and i don’t do it enough, if ever……..thanks for the reminder… you…..

  4. How interesting that you wrote about girlfriends Cyn because I was just thinking either yesterday or today that I really need another wonderful girl get together.

    They always feels like returning to the nest. Warm, wonderful, and fun.



  5. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments girls! I consider every one of you an addition to my purpose here on earth. You all have come into my life providing so many different lessons and experiences. I am so blessed! Wishing you all a JOY-FULL day!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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