Domestic Violence

Tune in with me on Help, Hope & Healing, WWLZ820am Talk Radio, Saturday, October 2nd, 12-1pm!  My guest will be Candice Dockstader, coordinator of the Domestic Violence Net Shelter and Abuse Program in Steuben County.  Abuse is alive and prevalent in our society and it presents itself in many forms.  If you, or someone you know, are a victim of abuse this show may save your life!  We will be answering questions such as;

What is Domestic Violence?

Why does the victim not leave the abuser?

What is the Net Shelter and how can I access it?

October is  Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Let’s participate, be aware, and affect change with abuse!  Although the show is local to central New York,  I strongly urge your calls, no matter where you live.  Candice and I will be happy  to help you change your life!  The number to  call during the show is 607-732-4820 or 1-866-732-4820.

Next week, my guest will be Dream Momma,a Jungian Dream Analyst who will assist you in unraveling your dreams and provide meaning to messages in your dream state!


5 thoughts on “Domestic Violence

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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