Flutter Me Butterfly

BUTTERFLY – denotes renewal and rejuvenation, the ability to bounce back from setbacks or disappointments, a transformation of spirituality. They stand for beauty and metamorphosis. It symbolizes the human soul.

~Meaning of the Butterfly, Dream Analysis Index

I had my yearly spirit circle meeting with my wonderful like-spirited friends this weekend.  My Dad joined our circle to give me the message of the butterfly.  “You are pinning down the butterfly”, he said.   As I explored the meaning of the butterfly, it all made sense.  Not to mention the fact that I have been talking about noticing the butterfly and searching for them on my walks.  The butterfly has been utmost in my mind these past couple of weeks.  Yes, Dad knows.  Dad always knows and he only confirmed my search and the deeper meaning underneath it all.

The Native American culture believes in the powerful messages animals and all living creatures bring us.  The next time you are presented with a “life force”, other than human, pay attention.  Observe that life, connect with the energy, and allow what Source brings to you.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Peace to you today and everyday.


7 thoughts on “Flutter Me Butterfly

  1. I love that we share the butterfly connection with our Dads who passed now so long ago- but in so many ways are still with us. Yes pay attention to the powerful messages that all living creatures bring! After my Dad passed, now more then 9 years ago, my sister and some other family members, where seeing butterflies frequently and felt that they were visits from my Dad. A few months into it I said to her on the phone ” I am so mad that I haven’t seen one butterfly!” Don’t you know, after I hung up the phone with her, I put on my running shoes and headed out the door for my run. Who do you think I found running along beside me? A butterfly!

    What better message from your Dad than “You are pinning down the butterfly.” What a gift.

  2. How Beautiful Cindy!!!

    What a Blessed message from your dad!
    How ever so sweet and heartwarming!!

    When I was going through my metamorphosis and rebounding from setbacks in my life, I was being surrounded by butterflies alot.

    One time I was sitting in my backyard and thought to myself, I haven’t seen butterflies in years.
    Well, within a moment of that thought a huge red butterfly landed on my picnic table next to me.
    I was estatic!
    Another time, a butterfly came up to my car window at night while I was sitting with my Tim in my car as we ate our food. (My relationship with Tim was brand new).
    Right before the butterfly arrived, I was telling Tim about my beautiful aunt Janette who had passed away 3 years before.
    When the butterfly landed on the car window at Night, we both said at the same time…..It is aunt Janette! She was letting us know that we shared a beautiful connection.

    I love butterflies!!

    Louise, I love your butterfly story too!
    How beautiful that your father came to you so quickly after you spoke to him on your run!!!!

    I love you Cindy and Louise!

    Thank you for this beautiful post which connects to the spirit world and all those we love!

    • Lou, I often think of you and your Dad when I see a butterfly…thought of you as I wrote this post:) They truly do let us know, just when we think they have forgotten they show their “love” colors again! Love you, dear friend xoxoxo

      Maria, how beautiful Aunt Janette sends her love through the butterfly also! I’m hearing more and more stories of the spiritual strength and love shown through this beauteous winged angel. The butterfly somehow seems to connect us all…Much love to you sweetie…xoxoxo

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  4. It’s no surprise to me..actually I’m getting kinda used to the syncronicity of it all, that I called my sister Cindy this morning to catch up just after playing one of my favorite song compositions “Butterfly”. Then she tells me about this new addition to the blog! You know , even if you don’t see any butterflies right away…just the act of looking for them seems to change everything. One begins to notice the small things…like the beautiful crimson colored maple leaf that drifted to the ground at my feet… and all the feelings that came to me as this happened. Thanks for your insight
    once again dear sister!

  5. Hi Cindy
    I believe you are the Cindy I worked with in the 90’s in Auburn WA. at Kimberly Quality Care.
    I’ve done searches before and didn’t come up with anything so I’m pretty excited. From the pictures I’ve seen I know it has to be you!
    Please email me and let me know if I am correct.

  6. Oh my goooossshhh, Barb!! So utterly amazing to hear from you, and the fact that you commented on this older “Butterfly” post. Spirit does work in wondrous ways! I was literally just thinking about you 2 days ago…and wondering how you are doing….it’s been what? 15 years?! Wow…I’m dumbfounded, but I shouldn’t be…the power of the “butterfly”:) I will email you!!!
    Love to you,

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