Surrender to You

Surrendering doesn’t mean giving it over to God or another entity to do the work for you.  Surrendering simply means releasing control of the outcome, doing the work necessary, and allowing all universal energy to do its work.  When we surrender we open up enough to accept the power of our intuitive selves to guide us in the direction that is meant for us.  It may not be the direction our minds would have chosen, but in the end you will find all falls into place in a way that you could never have imagined.  Created miraculously, with an outcome you never thought could have existed.  It’s amazing how that happens when we truly let go.

Focus on what it is you wish for in your life.  Sit quietly with your intention.  Release it with gratitude, do the work required, and watch it all unfold.

6 thoughts on “Surrender to You

  1. Cindy, wonderful post as always.

    This is what I have learned about Surrender over the years with my own experiences.

    Letting go always involves the mind and heart being in alignment with one another.
    The mind must release the constant thoughts of the past or the future and the heart must truly believe and feel with all its being that the truth will be revealed.

    Surrendering will occur when one cannot live with a thought, feeling or situation anymore.
    The exhaustion sets in and a release occurs.

    One will truly know they “let go” when there is no more attachment or energy being put forth into a thought, feeling or situation.

    A sense of calm takes over and one’s energy is directed elsewhere.

    There have been so many times in my life when I thought I “let go”.
    But I wasn’t being honest with myself when I would say to others that I “let go”.

    I know now it is a feeling that is like no other.
    It is a true belief that all is divine as IS.
    There is a calm that takes over as well as a trust.

    Surrendering allows life to flow with grace.


    • Beautiful Maria, you are so right on. So true that “surrendering will occur when one cannot live with a thought, feeling or situation anymore. The exhaustion sets in and a release occurs.” So so true. I’m sure so many of us can relate to this as we experience difficulties in our lives. There comes a time when we finally hand it over and admit to ourselves and Spirit that we just can’t handle it anymore. THAT’S when we truly allow Spirit and all universal energy in to guide us. That’s when all miraculously falls into place better than we could have ever orchestrated on our own. Love you Maria, and thank you for your beautiful words of wisdom, as always!:) xoxoxoxo

  2. Very nicely said. It’s amazing what happens when you surrender and don’t “expect” a certain outcome. Love you, sis!

  3. Isn’t it Mar? We are living proof! haha. As the saying goes, “expectations lead to resentments.” Keep surrendering sis, and I will do the same. All will fall into place beautifully. I really hope it falls into place in a beautiful spot in Greece!! 😀 Love you Mar! xoxoxoxo

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