Lines of Beauty; WWLZ820am Radio Show/10-30-10

To listen to Louise Cady Fernandes and I discuss embracing the aging process and living life to the fullest, simply go to the link,  “AM-WWLZ820 Talk Radio” and  click on the category, “Lines of Beauty; aging gracefully, one wrinkle at a time.”

Continuously living, learning & loving!

Wishing you all a blessed Samhain….

One thought on “Lines of Beauty; WWLZ820am Radio Show/10-30-10

  1. Cindy and Louise,

    I loved the show for as much as my computer would let me hear!
    Louise, you were Fantastic!

    As the subject of aging was being discussed between the two of you, I really connected with it on every level!
    Louise, I love what you said about looking forward to being an old lady.
    I tell my boyfriend this all the time….LOL!
    I mean it!
    I too gravitate to older people.
    I see their Light as they are purely living and are not being driven by their ego!
    I loved the show Cindy and Louise!
    The two of you are just Beautiful and full of Grace!
    Love you both!

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