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Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain,
Laughter and pleasure, tear drops and pain,
All days can’t be bright, but it’s certainly true,

There was never
a cloud the sun didn’t shine through—
So just keep on smiling whatever betide you,
Secure in the knowledge God is always beside you,

And you’ll find when you smile
your day will be brighter
And all of your burdens will seem so much lighter—
For each time you smile you will find it true
Somebody, Somewhere will Smile Back At You,
And nothing on earth can make life more worthwhile
Than the sunshine and warmth of a Beautiful Smile.

~Helen Steiner Rice

Buddhism, Harmony & A Quiet Mind

To listen to my enlightening show with John Seniff, Zen Buddhist Priest, simply go to the link, AM-WWLZ Talk Radio & click on the category “Buddhism, Harmony &  A Quiet Mind”.  I do believe you will feel calmer and more centered just listening…:)

Have a peaceful day….Namaste

The Life of a Buddhist

Join me and my guest, John Seniff, a Zen Buddhist Priest, on Help, Hope & Healing, WWLZ820am Talk Radio, Saturday, October 16th, 12-1pm EDST. John will be enlightening us on Buddhism, harmony & a healthy mind.  Tune in and experience the calm in your own mind, spirit and body. As always, your calls are welcome during the show at 607-732-4820 or 1-866-732-4820.

Next week, my guest will be Terri Buono from Heaven to Earth Wellness Spa.  Terri will be guiding us through many therapeutic, relaxing treatments to center your soul.

Forget Everything And Run!

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves, regret for the past and fear of the future.”

~Fulton Oursler

The title is a great acronym, isn’t it?  I’ve heard of it coming out of many 12 step rooms, dealing with addiction.  Of course, I used the “cleaner” version, but you get the point. I’m talking about FEAR today because it appears to be so prevalent in our society, my counseling office, and everyday life.  When will it be time for you to let go of your past, forgive those who have wronged you, and move on to your future, fearlessly?

I will tell you when that time will come.  When you can truly forgive not only those who have hurt you but when you can forgive yourself.  When we hold on to anger toward another person, or people, or situations, it’s ironic how you internalize that anger, only to inflict the same hurts onto yourself and others.  Until you truly work to make change, accept your part in the scenario, and look fear in its monstrous face, your lesson will never be learned.  The pattern will continue in its never-ending battle.  Stop in your tracks and look inward.  What do you see?  All the answers are hidden beneath the layers of  your life.  Peel back each experience fearlessly, un-learn the hurts, take control of your own life and feel the freedom it brings.

Stand up, look in the mirror, look yourself straight in the eye and ask yourself,  “Is this the first day of the rest of my life?”  Your choice.  We always make a choice.

WWLZ820am Talk Radio Show with Dream Momma

For those of you interested in listening to my very interesting interview with Dream Momma (aka Velva Lee Heraty, Jungian psychotherapist and dream facilitator), simply go to the category “AM-WWLZ820 Talk Radio” and click on the link, “Understanding Your Dreams”.

We packed so much wonderful info into the show that Dream Momma’s email and blog info got cut.  If you would like to write to Dream Momma or check out her blog, you can reach her at or

Enjoy and have a dreamy day!

Understanding Your Dreams

Tune in to Help, Hope and Healing, WWLZ820am Talk Radio, Saturday, October 9th, 12-1pm!  My guest will be Velva Lee Heraty (aka Dream Momma), a Jungian depth psychotherapist and dream facilitator who will assist you in healing through your dreams.  Gather your dreams and call in with questions for Dream Momma, she will help you understand….607-732-4820 or 1-866-732-4820.  Hope to hear from you so we may help  you heal!

Next week, my guest will be John Seniff, a Buddhist Priest who will be enlightening us on Buddhism, harmony, and a healthy mind.

You’re Right About That

The choice to let go and let God, in a quest to eliminate our attachment to being right, is simplified with these few words: You’re right about that. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

If we all could learn to say, “you’re right about that” more often there would be a lot more understanding in this world.  Just saying this phrase opens you up to listen, not judge, accept, and learn.  Learn that your attachment to being right isn’t the answer.  That is only ego puffing out his little chest.  In practicing being open you just might learn something of value.

When we have to be “right” we block all other information from entering our conscious and unconscious mind.  Imagine what we might miss in this stubborn process!  I learn from you, you learn from me, and maybe, just maybe, we can work together and journey to a productive outcome.

Ego attachment leaves you alone and lonely.  While you are sitting with yourself in your legendary mind remember that it takes love, caring, forgiveness and giving service to others to feel whole again.  We are all a part of each other, open to working and creating together.  Dictation and separation only leaves pieces of fluff floating in the air.  Do you choose to be whole and full or empty and scattered?  Always your choice.

So….even though I suggest you not attach to ego, if you look at me and say, “I like my ego and I have to be right!”, I just might say to you, “you’re right about that.”  Imagine the conversation that could unfold.  Maybe, just maybe, we will learn from each other.