Hey Soul Sister…

My dear friend since 5th grade….there is something very comforting about lifetime friends.  They know who you truly are, before life lathers all those layers on you.  A true friend allows you the freedom to peel back those layers, and just be who you are.

To view yet another layer of friendship, click the link below.www.linesofbeauty.com

4 thoughts on “Hey Soul Sister…

  1. Cindy,

    That is so true!
    Your friendship with Louise is a true Blessing and Gift!
    Our friends we made when we were young are our truest friends as they saw our ‘light’ way before life’s journey began!
    All my love to you Cindy!

  2. I have known you only a few years Cynthia, but it is a special friendship and surely has been there from another lifetime dear one.

    • Sending so much love to my 3 beautiful friends I see above. Each one of you shines a light in my heart that is indescribable. Many joys, tears, trials, and unconditional love in this lifetime, and yes, past too Raven!;) xoxoxo

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