How Lovable Are You?

We are only as lovable as we love ourselves.  Do you treat yourself with kindness and respect?  Do you nurture the precious person that you are?  It all begins with you.  How can you expect anyone to treat you with respect if you don’t believe you deserve it?  We truly teach others how to treat us.

Who are you?  What do you love about yourself?  Look deeply within and nurture that lovely part of you that shines.  That beautiful light that glows within and projects out into the world.  All of us have something to offer ourselves and others.  Search that pathway and follow it!  You are worth every second that you pay attention to who you are, what you need, and how you can share your gifts with all you come in contact with.  You are worth the time you give yourself today.

For those of you who think you’re “conceited” for loving yourself.  Think again.  We were all created in perfection.  In loving ourselves we show our appreciation for the gift of life.  To nurture one’s body, mind and soul is to give thanks for this very life!   It is our God-given right to feel love, happiness and joy in our lives.  Love who you are, feel kindness and compassion for all of life’s experiences, let go of the illusion of control, and watch it all flow….effortlessly.

It all starts with you…


3 thoughts on “How Lovable Are You?

  1. May the “Lamp of Grace” shine continually. I am at a point in life that “I’m OK-“You’re OK” sounds good… In the chaos that seems to be all around anymore I think we tend to forget ouselves. Personally, I can find too many things to keep busy with and always put myself last. Time to work on that! Got to stop, look in the mirror and say…whoa~ 😉

  2. Before you are able to allow others to quench their thirst at your well, you must first fill it. You can give of yourself only what you have to offer. If you’ve neglected your own needs/self, you have nothing to offer. A wise woman taught me that. Thanks Cynthia… 😉

    • May your “Lamp of Grace” continue to shine, Raven. Love your loving self:) xoxo

      This woman is only a reminder to the wise woman in you, Missy. You carry it with you…always. Peace…xoxo

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