Addiction and Healing through Self-Love

To listen to yesterday’s broadcast of Help, Hope and Healing, simply go to the category, “AM-WWLZ820 Talk Radio” and click on “Addictions and Healing through Self-Love with Cynthia Brennen, LMSW.” Peace….


2 thoughts on “Addiction and Healing through Self-Love

  1. Hi Cindy,
    Listened to your show awhile ago. It is so funny how things just follow through when one is aligned with Source. What caught my attention was your comment that to love yourself is not narcissistic. Just this morning I happened to read a blog post that my daughter wrote exposing to her readers that her mother has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This coming from someone who failed her college sociology class.

    It made me laugh and wonder if she was doing research for a comedy or perhaps a vampire novel. I also wonder if there is a disease called Serious Perception Disorder?

    My blog today was Mirror Mirror, written before I read her post, about loving myself! I enjoyed the show with Louise and Don!

  2. Yes, Barbara, when we are living according to our own truth it’s amazing how in alignment we are with source! All falls into place beautifully….

    I loved your blog post, “Mirror Mirror”. You are a beautiful lady, inside and out!

    Peace to you, dear friend

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