Shine Your Light

“You remain a Victim as long as you choose not to learn from your Challenges.  When you choose to learn and move forward, you become a Great Teacher to yourself and others.” ~Eric Allen

What light shines within you?  Are you allowing it to grow or diminish with each challenge you face in life?  Every experience we have is an opportunity to create our own personal path.  In this creation our light builds upon itself and extends out toward others.  When we follow our true selves we can’t help but shed our inner light out into the world.

When we sabotage the gifts we were given and create roadblocks for ourselves, we will inevitably fall into the victim mentality.  You have no one to look to but yourself.  Look inward for the growth that is needed to educate yourself and others.  Take time to breathe in nature and allow Spirit to guide you on your path.  Beware of getting caught up in the external promises of the ego.  Humility will assist you in finding your place in this world.  Loving your inner self will align you with all the beauty life has to offer.

Shine your light and BE the lighthouse you were meant to be…


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