Learn to be Happy

Learn To Be Happy

How does our history become sad or happy? How and why do our experiences affect the way we think and feel? Are human beings born to be miserable? NO! We are born to be human and to evolve through experiences. We are born to win!

There is no doubt that we all have a big variety of situations or experiences during our existence that we allow to affect the way we think and therefore the way we feel. There are people, objects and intangibles things that we meet and they become part of our experiences and therefore our history.

We all make choices, every day, every moment. The reason we are happy or unhappy is not our experiences but the way we deal with our experiences; what we think about them, therefore the attitude we take. Everything we do either makes us successful or unsuccessful, moves us forward or backward, every day, every moment.

Being miserable or happy is personal; it is a matter of choice and this choice has to do with the attitude each of us has.

Attitude is everything! Things are the way they are, they cannot be otherwise. The problem starts when we label our experiences with our own beliefs. Our attitude is the outcome of how we feel and how we will respond. Sadly and ironically, many of us build such an attitude that instead of solving the problems we already have, we create even more problems. Ironically again, this is the history of the so-called more intelligent being on the planet.

So, what we can do to be happy? How can move forward instead of backward?

First we have to consider cause and effect…

Our mind stores our experiences as thoughts, thoughts create feelings or emotions, and what we feel is the way we act. Our attitude is a reaction to our thoughts, feelings and actions; it is positive or negative based not on what we think, but how we think, and how we think is related to our level of awareness.

So, the roots of our misery, problems, disillusions, worries and sadness are in our thoughts; how we think about things. When we have negative thoughts, we are creating misery in our lives and if it’s something that we don’t want for our life, it is time to take control and put our brain to work to form a new attitude by creating new positive thoughts.

You will only be happy, move forward, be the champion you are meant to be when you are honest and take action. Start to motivate your mind with positive thoughts. Start with thoughts of love, optimism, and creativity. Start by appreciating and valuing every second of life, everything you are and have, and become passionate about everything you do.

Stop labeling! Things are the way they are but if you decide to label them, then label your experiences, with your fellow human beings and with your environment, in a positive and optimistic way. Regardless of what happens, paint your life, daily, with a smile in everything you experience. The more you do this, the happier you will become.

Move with the flow. Things are the way they are, they cannot be otherwise. If you row in the direction the river is flowing, its energy assists you. But, if you row against the river’s flow, it is only a matter of time before you become exhausted, overwhelmed and defeated.

It is super important to be clear; to understand that happiness is not dependent on the outside world. Nobody can make you happy or unhappy. Be responsible for your life. You and only you have the power to control the way you feel.

When your desire to be happy becomes as strong as the need to breathe, you will be happy. If you want to be happy, make happiness part of your daily thoughts, emotions and actions.

So, be happy, it is not only your choice but also your right! Be happy, regardless; you definitively deserve it. Remember, sixty seconds of sadness is one minute less of happiness!!! ^_^

~Eduardo Dominguez

Thank you Green Valley for sharing these wonderful, beautiful posts with us.  Much love to you, my like-spirited friend! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Learn to be Happy

  1. As with your last piece, it’s a choice. Sit in misery or clear a path to happiness.

    btw, that picture of the sun rising over a smooth sheet of ice triggers some happiness for me

  2. I have but one thing to say…when you fall down, get up! The heck with self-pity, life is what it is. When all is said and done, the only person who can make a difference is yourself.

  3. I’m with all of you, my friends:) Life is absolutely what you think it is. There is no room for self-pity, it only makes you pitiful. What good does that do? Does it change anything? What changes a THING is CREATING the CHANGE. Just as my wise Raven friends speaks, ” when you fall down, get up!….only you can make your own difference.”

    I loved that you recognized and internalized the rising sun over the smooth sheet of ice, Paul. Noticing is the beginning.

    Lou, you’re a great example of “you are what you think”. Keep following your thoughts cuz you’re makin’ waves, girl!

    Peace out…

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