“These feelings won’t go away, they’ve been knocking me sideways, I keep thinking in a moment that time will take them away…these feelings won’t go away”  ~Citizen Cope

We’ve all been there, knocked sideways with an emotional bang.  You’re moving along in life, all seems fine, and then out of nowhere comes this pain so deep it knocks you off your feet.  If you’ve loved and lost, you know this feeling buried deep down in your gut.  You know the sadness and hurt, the anger and frustration.  All emotions must be dealt with and released or the pain will continue to manifest in other areas of your life, causing you to stagnate and repeat the cycle over and over again.  In time, self-love opens the door and you set your Spirit free again.

My daughters attended The Pulse dance convention this past weekend, and what a glorious experience it was! Among many exceptional choreographers, Tyce Diorio choreographed a piece to Citizen Cope’s Sideways.  The feeling and expression he conveyed took the lyrics and music to a whole new level.  Every movement held its own statement, allowing each dancer to reveal their personal release.   When we express our emotions through movement our body and soul tell the story, as our hearts live the tale.  It is an amazingly cathartic and beautiful way to feel every emotion.

May I suggest you click on the link below, close your eyes and FEEL what comes to you through the music.  Move to it, feel it, breathe it, BE it.  I’ve loved this song for some time now but to see it expressed through dance added a whole new dimension.  My heart swelled.  This is my favorite version of Sideways, Citizen Cope with Santana.  Enjoy your flow….

3 thoughts on “Sideways

  1. Cindy,
    I love how movement of the body through dance helps tap into your emotions and assists in releasing them.
    Ahhh….the divinity of dance!
    Great song!
    Life has a huge way of pushing us down just when everything feels as though it is flowing beautifully.
    I have gone through this lately and am now picking up the pieces and feeling at peace.
    It is the the ups and downs that bring us to our center and truth.

  2. Ah yes, it is amazing how picking up the pieces to your life creates peace within. Always learning, experiencing, and growing to realize your own TRUTH. You are so right on.

    My girls have been playing this song quite a bit since we got home…some nice bonding for us:) I love that they have dance in their lives as it will only help them move through their own ups and downs. Mia Michaels (choreographer) expressed she probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for dance. I get it.:)

    Love you girlfriend, and keep picking up those pieces to find your peace:) xoxoxo

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