Help, Hope & Healing Show with Jeff Fasano and the Teachings of Michael

To listen to my show with Jeff Fasano, simply go to link  “AM WWLZ820 Talk Radio”, scroll down  and click on the topic, “The Teachings of Michael with Jeff Fasano”.  I assure you, you will feel a sense of renewal, connection & resonance in your own life as you listen.  EnJOY!


4 thoughts on “Help, Hope & Healing Show with Jeff Fasano and the Teachings of Michael

  1. What a Great Show Cindy!

    Jeff is a wonderful teacher with messages of Truth!
    I love what Jeff said about being careful with the glamour of the connecting with spirit.
    It is not about who delivers the ‘message’ of Truths but rather the ‘message’ itself!
    We all can connect with a higher realm and it is what we do with the ‘teachings’ is what counts.
    Thank you for this show Cindy!
    It was just Beautiful!!

  2. Thank you, Maria! I felt the same way…smiling and feeling JOY during the show and thereafter. Jeff is a wonderful conduit & connector. It is, afterall, the “WE” vs. the “ME”:) Peace, my friend…xoxoxo

    • What a wonderful show Cindy! It was extremely helpful to me. As you know, I have consciously been aware for some time that I receive messages from another realm. I have often questioned who the entity is that I am connecting with. Now I know it doesn’t really matter!
      I am connecting with energy and it isn’t about the messenger, it is about the message and what I am going to do with it.

  3. Exactly, Barbara:) Jeff did help many of us put this into perspective. I feel this when I write…sometimes I look at what I wrote and I think, ” Did I write that? Where did that come from?” We are all naturally conduits, connectors, and resonators in this life. Spirits living a human experience:)

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