Contemplation,searching  for my soul
Silence encompassing all
Alone but not in solitude
Silence giving fortitude

My ego-thoughts trying to prop up
Silence makes them stop
Soul is what I’m searching for
Silence, silence I adore

Connecting to my soul
Silence winning after all
Thoughts connect with high above
Silence fills my soul with love

Conscience conquering my mind
Silence makes it look so kind
Soul and conscience hand in hand
Silent wish to never end

Grateful heart joins in
Silence makes it all akin
Thanking God for this silent contemplation
Thanks for silence, thanks again  ~Aufie Zophy

In reaching for your silence, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find, as silence finds you…


6 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Good post Cynthia. I am one that believes silence heals. It is important to find our own “secret-place”, whether it is somewhere in Nature or inside ourselves.

  2. Dear Cynthia,

    I think you have a wonderful website. Very interesting. I am proud you chose my poem on silence to be on your website. Very small favour, I would like to request: would it be ok to insert a link to the website, where I have put my poetry?

    Many thanks in advance

    Hans (artist name: A. Zophy)

    PS: I am a neonatologist working in Kelantan, Malaysia

  3. Hi Hans,

    Thank you so much…I would be very happy to insert a link to your website. What is it?

    Thank you for your beautiful words on Silence. I was searching for poetry on silence and what emanates from sitting in the quiet. Your poem resonated with me.

    In Gratitude,

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