Breaking the Silence with Neal Desch, PhD

Join me and my guest, Neal Desch,PhD, on Help, Hope & Healing, WWLZ820am, Saturday, January 22nd, 12-1pm EST. We will be addressing the impact of domestic violence and breaking the silence!  As a counseling professional, an ex police officer, and someone who has lost his sister to domestic violence, Dr. Desch will provide guidelines in abuse prevention and self-esteem enhancement.  As always, calls are welcome during the show at 607-732-4820 or 1-866-732-4820.  Wishing you all a day of peace…

Life Improvement Seminars 

Dr. Neal E. Desch

Founder and President

Dr Neal Desch - author of Marriage or Mistake


In the late 1980’s Neal Desch was completing his doctorate degree while working as a behavioral counselor for a national weight loss company. His honest and straightforward style of counseling won him praise from the company, other counselors and many of his clients who would also come to him with personal problems.

Neal also organized and facilitated a support group called The Rebounders at a local church in which he invited anyone who was dealing with any of life’s setbacks. His self empowering positive reinforcement approach to various difficulties in life quickly earned him a reputation for being a no-nonsense straightforward counselor who got people motivated and most importantly got results. His reputation quickly grew and he was being asked to speak at many organization and institutions.

The Rebounders eventually developed into a business called Life improvement Seminars. Neal took many of the core principles of self empowerment and organized them into over 40 effective one hour and three-hour seminars. These seminars were so successful Neal found himself presenting them at fortune 500 companies, universities, numerous school districts and even one prison system.

Neal has appeared on The Phil Donahue ShowThe Geraldo Rivera Show, The Jane Whitney ShowThe Les Brown Show and the New Jersey Network for Better Living as well as many local television and radio shows in the New Jersey/ New York City area.

In 2000 Neal moved to Florida and put Life Improvement Seminars on hold. Neal took a position as a director in a senior citizen community, but now in 2010 he is reactivating Life Improvement Seminars.


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