WWLZ820am Interview with Rosemary Altea; Healing, Spirituality & Connecting with Loved Ones

To listen to my interview with Rosemary Altea, simply click on the link below.



For future listening, this interview is archived under the link, AM-WWLZ820 Talk Radio, titled, “A Healing Heart; Rosemary Altea on healing, spirituality, & connecting with our loved ones.”

Many thanks to you, Rosemary, for all the love, kindness, & healing you have provided to so many over the years!  Your purity of heart is so much appreciated.  In love, light & blessings…


2 thoughts on “WWLZ820am Interview with Rosemary Altea; Healing, Spirituality & Connecting with Loved Ones

  1. Oh Cindy!!!

    Rosemary is a Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Soul!
    When Tim and I were listening to it in the beginning of the show, we both said that we felt like crying when we heard Rosemary’s voice!
    What a Amazing show!
    I loved every moment of it!

    I too have a story about Tim’s dog Mosha who was a golden retriever.
    He passed away and the next morning I saw his spirit in the kitchen.
    He had a huge Green Aura around him.
    It warmed my heart and soul to have that visit from Mosha in waking state.
    So I can absolutely can say that your pets are with you always and go to the otherside, just as Rosemary said.
    When you father came through at the end, all i could think of was the dream I had about one of our classmates birthday (Feb 14th) and how in the dream I had accidently picked up a receipt that was from your father and handed it to you in the dream.
    I was getting chills throughout my body when your father’s spirit came through Rosemary and said that on the day of his death (Feb.14th) to celebrate him as though it was his birthday. Celebrate him!
    That is what my dream must have represented too…the connection of the classmates birthday to your father’s passing date.
    I love Rosemary’s statement when she said it is an honor for her too to speak to all those who come to her. The energy exchange of love!
    I love you Cindy!

  2. Sweet Maria,

    I know you felt the exchange of all energy and love during the interview as you connect so strongly with all vibration out there!:) Seeing Mosha is a great example of that:) You are such a beautiful angel in my life, as my Dad well knows….yes, he knew who to give the message to so I would get it, loud and clear!

    I love you, dear one, and am so very grateful to have you in my life. Blessings always…xoxoxoxoxo!

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