The Illusion of Control

Have you ever noticed, the more we attempt to control a person or a situation, the more it controls you? You are only fooling yourself if you think this is working for you.  Anytime you set yourself up to think, “If I can just get him or her to do what I want, all will be fine”, you are living the life of a co-dependent trap.  In the illusion of  imprisoning another you are only creating your own life behind bars. Exhausting, isn’t it?  By letting go and freeing others, we inadvertently free ourselves!

What is it you want from YOUR life?  Adjust your focus and know that you are worth putting the time and effort into your future, wants and needs.  When we focus on controlling others, so much time is wasted when we could be creating our own inner pot of gold!  If a situation is meant to be, or a person is meant to be in your life, it will naturally occur as you value your own purpose here on earth.  The scenario you’re holding on to will eventually draw closer, or drift away, as you open yourself up to YOUR possibilities!  If the drift happens, guess what?  Something, someone, more in tune with you and your vibration will enter your life.  Just as it’s meant to be.

Learn to let go of the illusion of control and experience the delicacies flowing into your life!


8 thoughts on “The Illusion of Control

  1. Learn to let go of the illusion of control and experience the delicacies flowing into your life.


    I need to pay closer attention to this and notice what is able to flow in when I take my foot off the break. xo

  2. Hey Cyn – This is so important to be reminded of. It is very hard to do and too easy to fall back into when we lose the focus on ourselves. Also, I need to remember that it is OK to let relationships go if you are forcing it. Thanks.

  3. Cindy,

    Wonderful insight and wisdom as ALWAYS of trying to control someone or something.

    It is always so freeing when this light goes on and the letting go process begins.
    You get your life back………ahhhhh!

    Love you!

  4. Hello my wondrous, beauteous friends! We all need reminders to let go in the process of learning and living. So put your hands in the air and free fall down that roller coaster of life! Ahhhhhhhh!! xoxoxox

  5. If one’s life is focused on changing someone else, one lives in the “if only…world”. What an illusion to live in!?

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