Cindy Lane-Newcomb; Medium, Intuitive Communicator & Healer

Join Cindy Lane- Newcomb & I on Help, Hope & Healing, WWLZ820am, Saturday, February 26th,  12-1pm EST. Cindy’s intuitive and healing abilities will assist you in your own healing as you tune in.  Call during the show and ask Cindy questions pertaining to your current life situation, loved ones who have crossed over, or general inquiries about intuition.  Call in numbers are 607-732-4820 or 1-866-732-4820. Hope to hear from you as we help you heal… 

Cindy Lane-Newcomb

Growing up on a vineyard in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York, Cindy was surrounded by beauty
in a land rooted in Native American tradition, helping her to cultivate her love of the spiritual.  From the
time she was a young child, Cindy was able to feel, see, and speak to the spirit world.

After earning a master’s degree in education, Cindy worked as primary school teacher for over 20 years
before attending massage school.  During her massage training, she reconnected with her intuitive gifts.
She has pursued her healing and intuitive practice after receiving her massage therapy license and Reiki
Master Teacher.  The focus of her work is to empower her clients so they can live with health, inner
peace, and a sense of connectedness.  Thousands have benefited from her work both at home and

A Message from Cindy…a Psychic and Medium
I believe we are all connected through the eternal force of love that is our essence.  My work is dedicated to
assisting others to know and experience their connection with everyone and everything, and to bring balance
and peace in their lives.  Healing is merely experiencing the wholeness of what is.


  • Medium
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Reflexology Technician
  • Paranormal Communicator
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
Through my work as a medium and intuitive communicator, I connect with energies in different dimensions.  I am
able to receive images and messages from those who have crossed over and convey them to my clients here in the
physical.  My paranormal communication division offers clearing of non-physical entities (spirits) for private and
commercial buildings.
As a medical intuitive, licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master, I am able to bridge time and space to see
and feel where the body is not in balance.  Acting as a conduit of life force energy, I assist the client with her
or his healing process.

Body Works is a team of Myself and Andre James,  we work to help you connect with your inner-self, to aid
you in feeling your best.

Our offices are located at :

2495 County House Rd., Penn Yan, NY 14527  315-694-7253
4268 Main St. Millport, NY

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