Dream Momma Is Back!

Join Velva Lee Heraty (aka Dream Momma) and I on Help, Hope & Healing, WWLZ820am, Saturday, March 12th, 12-1pm EST!  Velva is back by popular demand as she assisted so many listeners in unraveling and healing from their dreams on a previous show.  Call during the broadcast at 607-732-4820 or 1-866-732-4820 and experience Dream Momma first hand as she helps you heal through your dreams.

Velva Lee Heraty

Velva Lee Heraty is a Jungian depth psychotherapist from Chicago, IL.  She has studied dreams for nine years at the C. G. Jung Institute in Evanston, IL and is a member of the Association for the Study of Dreams.  As a result of her studies, Velva created a dream processing method called Subjective Symbol Immersion designed to help dreamers everywhere understand their dreams.  She has taught this method both nationally and internationally, most recently in Iceland, and is currently writing a book on the subject. A member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ),  the Association of Women Journalists (AWJ) and a former columnist for Chicago Woman Newspaper, she lives in St. Petersburg.

Velva is a Contributor to The Daily Loaf, A Creative Loafing Tampa Blog, where she unravels the dreamers dream, assisting many as they write to Dream Momma with their dream questions.  Send Dream Momma your dream questions to the link below.


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