Body Break!

Among the fast paced movement of the world, I’m noticing more and more exhaustion rolling around me.  People are running through life, and spinning so fast, they aren’t able to breathe, center, and connect to the nourishment of Source.  When we listen to the signals our bodies give us, there is a high probability we are preventing illness, injury, inefficiency, poor decision-making, and poor performance. When your body speaks, listen!

How does your body speak to you?  You walk around tired all day. Your extremities actually tingle with exhaustion and your muscles ache.  Your memory is impaired.  You’re irritable and have less patience with others.  You feel depressed, angry, sullen.  When we love ourselves enough to administer self-care, we are feeding the temple that carries us.  Pay attention!

Sleep when your body cries for rest.  Meditate when it screams for calm.  Rest when it can’t carry you anymore. Replenish the emptiness within and you will accomplish what is needed in your life with ease.  When you are exhausted every movement is an effort, rested and life flows effortlessly.

Treat yourself with the love, care and nurturing you deserve.  You are porcelain walking this earth, protect your beauty within and you will never be without.




T-une out!

5 thoughts on “Body Break!

  1. Oh, so true. I have learned my limitations and run with them. I rest when I need to, relax as much as possible to rejuvenite myself. Life flies by and you never know where you are headed some times…..need to keep my feet on the ground and love and learn, experience and be happy, smile and be a good friend! Thank you for this reading! Peace.

  2. Trying to fit the “roles”, running through the years worrying about what doesn’t “really” matter…I can honestly say now, as I look back, “what the hell was I thinking”! There comes a point when we reach the top of the mountain and then it is the decent. It is then that the page in the chapter of life’s book turns. Priorities, what REALLY matters, the ones who are always there for you. Eventually ALL of the stress catches up…just ask this living example. So cut back, let go and stop to smell the roses…we only get one trip through THIS lifetime. Treat yourself as you would a friend.
    (Hmmm…I need to do this~)

  3. Spoken like the true Raven I know and LOVE! And yes, remember to treat yourself with as much kindness and love as you do ME:) Much love to you, my dearest friend and teacher…namaste…xoxo

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