The Pleasure Seeker

The pleasure principle is the psychoanalytic concept describing people seeking pleasure and avoiding suffering (pain) in order to satisfy their biological and psychological needs. The counterpart concept, the reality principle, describes people choosing to defer gratification of a desire when circumstantial reality disallows its immediate gratification. Maturity is learning to endure the pain of deferred gratification, when reality requires it;  an ego thus educated has become ‘reasonable’;  it no longer lets itself be governed by the pleasure principle, but obeys the reality principle, which also seeks to obtain pleasure, but pleasure which is assured through taking account of reality, even though it is pleasure postponed and diminished.  ~ Sigmund Freud

Where is the true fulfillment in seeking constant pleasure?  What is discovered over time is that it is fleeting, and in the end, leaves one with a feeling of emptiness, depression and boredom.  For the constant pleasure seeker, addictive behaviors emerge as they attempt to top their last fix.  Predatory and manipulative actions take precedence as the seeker avoids the inevitable…a look in the mirror.

Any time we think we can hide from our feelings, fears and deep dark secrets, we are mistaken.  We may run to avoid feeling the pain but we are only fooling ourselves.  The pain is still there, it is just manifesting as a pressure cooker ready to blow.  When we confront our feelings, including our painful past, we are allowing the wounds to scab over and heal.  Can it be an arduous process?  Yes.  Is it worth every tearful, angry, frustrating discovery?  Yes.  The only way to move through the mountain is to climb to its highest peak and back down.  No short cuts.  It takes work to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but remaining in the tunnel with tiny glimpses of light will only send you home with a load of inner loneliness at the end of the day.

Seek balance in your life.  Pleasure is a beautiful thing, combined with self-reflection, humanity and creativity.  When we live a life of consistent seeking we lose all values and decency as we search for the self-serving egotistical high. Not only are we hurting ourselves but we end up abusing others on our path to destruction.  Dig deep, connect with Spirit, ask for guidance, bring meaning into your life and it will be a life worth living.



4 thoughts on “The Pleasure Seeker

  1. Beautiful post Cindy,

    Pleasure seekers really live in denial of their core issues.
    The constant search for external happiness exhausts itself and reality sets in as one has to face their inner demons.
    Until then, loneliness resides in the soul.

    Patterns will continue until the soul is ready to SEE the repeated patterns of desire/pleasure to fill them up.

    Soul Lessons in this earth school of life are always challenging.

  2. What we resist- persists! Plain and simple fact…
    whatever way we make our bed…we are the one who has to lay in it. Can’t run or hide from truth, or what lies within ourselves. Choices.

    I think we walk the roads in our lives to teach us what we really need to learn in this lifetime, good or bad. Sometimes what we like or don’t like in another is something we don’t feel happy about inside ourselves. The old reflection thing…if you know what I mean.

    I think some pleasure is good as long as it harms none. The only true balance in life is accepting that we all have two sides…it is which one we decide to operate with that matters. Light and dark…Daylight and night…Sun and Moon. 😉

  3. Oh my wise women friends, could I be any more blessed than to be surrounded with spirits like you?? I’ve learned, more than you know, from each one of you…through tears, fears, smiles, frustrations, joy, and yes, revelations!

    Thank you for being the Goddesses that you are to me:)

    And Raven, you see me…:)


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