Hope, Help & Healing Talk Radio Show; Friendships, Health & Happiness

To listen to my show on the Gift of Friendship with Louise Cady Fernandes and Marci Lubore Calantonio, simply click on the link below. 

This show will also be archived under the category, “AM WWLZ Talk Radio”, titled, “Friendships, Health & Happiness”.

Enjoy your day everybody, and remember, hug a friend today!


2 thoughts on “Hope, Help & Healing Talk Radio Show; Friendships, Health & Happiness

  1. Cindy,

    What a wonderful show of friendship!

    I love that Louise was knitting during the show!
    I also loved Louise’s connection with a friend where they “dump’ with one another.
    To truly listen and only listen to someone’s pain or confusion is a heart soul connection and the best kind of friendship!

    Louise has a wonderful speaking voice that calms the soul!

    i loved what Marci said about being your own best friend. It is so true!
    In the end, if you are not in love with yourself or be kind to yourself, then external things will always be sought, rather than internal.

    I loved Heather’s call! Spoken from her soulheart!
    Friends that go back to childhood are sometimes the best kind of friends as they SEE you and will be honest with what they see even if it hurts.
    It does come from Love from the highest place and for the best interest of their friends life.

    Lastly, the caller Jackie’s story was soooo sweet!
    I loved the connection she had with her male duck friend……truly sent from God through Love!

    Sending Blessings of Love to you Cindy! xoxo

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Maria…it was such a joy for me to have Louise, Marci, Heather & Jacquie, my wondrous, beauteous friends come together in love and friendship! I am so blessed to have them in my life, as I am blessed to have YOU, angel girl:) Much LOVE to you!! xoxoxo

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