Believe In Me

“Too many hearts have been broken, failing to trust what they feel…Trust isn’t something that’s spoken, and love’s never wrong when it’s real” ~Dan Fogelberg

Thank you, Dan, for the many years of love and emotion felt through your music.  I see you flying with the angels~ Peace

Dan Fogelberg-photo

Click on the link below for a beautiful Dan Song…


2 thoughts on “Believe In Me

  1. Last summer Wanda n I met a guy, late 50s, who was riding his bike cross country from Portland OT to Deer Isle, Maine. I asked ” why Deer Isle ” and he replied, ” cuz I want to see where Dan Folgelberg died”. Unsure of how to respond, I just said, ” uh, ok, that’s cool ….. I guess ”
    Clearly DF touched others far more than he did me. I must not have been paying attention.
    Nice lyrics though

  2. You must not have been Paul…I guarantee if you had been you would’ve had many a song to woo your girl with:) He was an amazing songwriter contained with so much meaning and feeling in his music. He is surely missed….

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