The Feminine Rests While The Masculine Swims

Twin-Souls-300x270When my radio show came to a close, I walked out one door, and through another, feeling the reminder of balance that is required to create wholeness in our lives. An abundance of nurturing, giving energy went into the creation of Help, Hope & Healing, another baby in my life, and then it came time to move on.

On my last show, Dream Momma unraveled one of my dreams, a journey dream, as she called it. As always, she was right on as I began walking new roads leading to the excitement of the unknown.

While my latest endeavor unfolds, Dream Momma calls out my masculine side to strengthen his muscles, pull up his boot straps and get to work! In my dream, I am swimming to the “boat” carrying the next level of my life. My right side is strong, stroking vigorously, while my left side rests, gathering her own strength which she has given so freely.

And now, as I gaze out my window at the red mountainous terrain of Sedona, I feel the strength building within. Ready for my next adventure. Ready to feel the earth below me again, rumbling through my veins, heart pulsating, guiding me to the next journey of my soul. Allowing, open, letting go…


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