Archive | January 2013

Soul Dance

Soul mates come in every size. Some are wise and some otherwise.  They connect with intensive soul eyes….

The thing about a soul mate is they will call you on the facades you create when you get caught up in societal fantasies.  They will also reign in as your biggest cheerleader, professing their faith in your ability to shine.  Soul mates won’t settle for less than you are, they innately know what resonates within your soul.  Likewise, what you see in this soul connector they see in you too.

When you’re in the company of someone who you connect with at this level, your heart sings!  You suddenly have the desire to reach your highest peak.  You glide in that direction with ease because you know your spirit is in sync with all universal energy.  It feels effortless as your dreams begin to fall into place.  This is not to say the climb is easy.  Our egos wrestle inside when our connector calls us on our flaws.  On an unconscious level, however, we know they are right.  If we are wise, we will heed their observations and follow.  If we are foolish, we will ignore it and travel a much more difficult road.  A connector sees in us what we are not able to see in ourselves.

A soul mate will tell you when you’re not grabbing your potential, she will remind you that you’re failing yourself and not flinch when she says it.  She will praise your abilities more than anyone else and scratch her head, roll her eyes and smirk at you when you don’t listen to what she sees as obvious.  She sees you with clarity as you put the blinders on.  She grounds you, and elevates you, at the same time.  She’s your best friend.

A soul mate will listen to you when you throw a tantrum and then calmly look at you and ask if you are done.  He holds you as you stomp your feet and wonder why the world is so unfair.  He sees through to your soul and recites insights into your life at an angle you never considered.  He holds your hand when you need a guide and gently pushes you when you need to take that first step.  He treats you with more kindness than you treat yourself.  He’s your best friend.

So where are you on your soul path?  Are you pushing away the sparks of light that enter your life out of fear, or are you welcoming the challenge of SEEING the purity of your soul? When you step out, and bare the naked truth of yourself, that is the place where you will find honor. That is the place where you will find peace.  That is where the house of your soul lives.

When our time comes to move into the spirit world it is a day of celebration for a life well lived, and a bow of gratitude for a life yet to come.  Feel it, breathe it, BE it now, for this is it.  Your time to show yourself and shine!