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What Your Soul Knows To Be True


Well, here we are, another spring upon us and it feels like life is coming alive again!  Not sure how many long northeast winters will be in my future. The timeline of life travels so quickly and there’s much to be enjoyed along this pristine and dusty road stretching ahead of us. My oldest daughter ventured out to California and is returning soon, and now my second daughter is wanting to check out schools in Cali.  As Joni sings, “California, oh California, I’m comin’ home…” I’ve always related to that song but whoever knows where I’ll land.  I sure don’t.  Santa Fe felt like home to me too.  As soon as I touched down at the airport I felt it.  The pull of red dirt, turquoise and silver tugged at my heart.  Why?  I don’t know, but in some ways I do.  My point of this reminiscent writing is to follow your heart’s desire.  Don’t put it off, the time is now, and whatever you do live in the now and enjoy every moment as much as you possibly can.

My latest endeavor?  Embarking on a race called Hero Rush, created by our heroic firefighters.  It’s a five mile, twenty obstacle course consisting of freezing water, tube tunnels, fire hose carrying, rope climbing, smoke house running, tire trekking, fire hopping and more.  Some people think I’m crazy and ask why I would do such a thing.  I think to myself, why wouldn’t I?  I get comments like, “You’re 52, don’t you think you should settle down?”, or, “Aren’t you worried about getting hurt?”, or my favorite fear comment, “Oh my, that looks so hard, are you sure you can do it?”  These comments don’t stop me, they just challenge me more. This is what I know to be true, I won’t “settle down” until I take my last breath.  And then the world of spirit opens up along with a whole new playground full of love, learning & experiences.  Except this time, it’s played out with complete unconditional love beckoning behind the veil.

Always trust what your soul knows to be true. Listen for the signals and see the signs.  Our connection to Spirit is so very strong, we need only to practice awareness.  I had no idea what photo I was going to add to this post today, I took a break, came back to my computer and this photo of me was mysteriously bookmarked. I trust it, and I know why.  The fair skinned, blonde haired girl with green eyes will always be a Native American girl at heart, riding her horse through the corn fields.