Book Signing at Barnes & Noble with ‘Living, Loving & Unlearning’

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came to my book signing this past weekend! It was an amazing day filled with wonderful people. So grateful for Cindy Williams who joined me and brought so much light to the signing, along with the lovely Ally Payne with WINK 106, Bruce Sermonis with Community Broadcasters, and all the staff at Barnes & Noble! Thank you all for your love and support.

The end result of this circle of love? All books were SOLD OUT! Elmira Barnes & Noble will be ordering more and ‘Living, Loving & Unlearning’ can be found in the ‘Self Improvement’ section of the store. Hope to see you at future signings!

~Namaste .♥.

2 thoughts on “Book Signing at Barnes & Noble with ‘Living, Loving & Unlearning’

  1. Hi Cindy, Great to hear of your book signing and success! One day I would love to sit with you sipping a cup of tea and discussing life, love and unlearning. I have had my share of this in my days as well. I hope to come back tot he States end of next year and perhaps you can help me. I am looking for speaking engagements in WNY discussing “All Creatures Great and Small, what binds us?”. My work with koalas has taken me on quite a journey and it is the connections and roots and shoots that bind me to doing everything I can to spread the word about how we all can make a difference one person at a time. If you have any contacts, ideas etc…. that would help me plan this speaking tour, I would be forever grateful. Much love and light, Meghan *Save the earth….. It’s the only planet with chocolate!* Everydaykindnessistheanswer<3

  2. Hi Meghan, wonderful to hear from you! I’ll be happy to help you spread koala kindness and all creatures great and small. Feel free to inbox me on FB anytime and let’s discuss more! xoxoxo

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