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Death and Rebirth

There comes a time in our lives when many of us begin to question the meaning of the skin we’re in. In a literal sense, our skin reveals our story through scars, wrinkles, aging spots, and tales told through our colorful tattoos. All earned and expressed from our emotions baring underneath. But what if all those experiences were only scratching the surface of our existence. What if we’ve only tapped into an infinitesimal amount of our vibrational force as it connects to nature and all living things. What if, we are on the verge of realizing that through this connectedness with Source, the natural nature of healing and living is at our radiant finger tips.

I discovered Zach Bush a couple of years ago as I was searching for healing modalities that aligned with my holistic practice. He is such a kind, wise, and brilliant healer, I realized it would be selfish of me to keep him to myself. So here you go, click here to take a listen and breathe in the essence of what we all have the ability to create under the skin and bones of our soul song.

Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Why is it we fear emotional discomfort so much? Is it we’re afraid we’ll never recover from that uncomfortable feeling? In reality, emotions are fleeting and free flowing, if we allow them to run their course. Just like anything in life, emotions move like the ocean. Sometimes calm, sometimes rolling, and sometimes tumultuous. It’s when we freeze in fear of the feeling that we become stuck in the muck. What if, every time we felt this discomfort we allowed ourselves to become the observer of that emotion? We simply step back, take a breath, and recognize its presence. We can then encourage it to move on through us like a wave, recognizing its fluidity and seeing it for what it truly is. An illusion created by our minds.

If our minds are powerful enough to create turmoil then it clearly has the ability to create peace. With each tear felt, and every grip of the heart, we encompass the wherewithal to move our emotions to a place of serenity. I chose the photo above for that exact reason. Although she reveals the sadness she feels, expressed through a tiny tear streaming down her cheek, she is surrounded with the images of soft bunnies, beautiful bluebells, and tender butterflies, bringing her solace. We all hold the power to bring this peace into our being. We simply need to recall our soul’s path and all it entails. Some of our experiences wouldn’t be considered enjoyable by any means, but they are certainly required for our internal growth. While we roll inside of that dark tunnel we must remember light always shines in the distance. And then it becomes brighter and brighter as we glide into the knowingness of our spirit.

Our souls know what is needed for our spiritual growth. It knows how long to sit in grief, how long to contemplate taking action, or not, and how long to wait before looking for the light again. It is always wise to sit with those feelings and listen for the answers. Your intuition will guide you and comfort you where the discomfort lies. Trust this ability you have within yourself and follow the path you came here to live. All the bumps and bruises will illuminate the meaning behind your fears, and open the gateway to your Light. Trust it. follow it. Be it.

Love Just Because

Love because it raises everyone’s vibration around you. Love because it brings abundance into your life. Love because it makes you feel good from your head down to your toes. Love just because.

Love because it can’t help but bring a smile to your face and everyone you come in contact with. Love because it’s hard for someone to feel anger when in the presence of love. Love because people need love. Love because it’s hard to hate with love in the room. Love because you like feeling warm. Love just because.

Love because the world needs more love. Love because darkness can’t survive in the light. Love because your Light won’t have it any other way. Love because the devil in me needs your Light. Love because my hand touching yours pulls you out of the depths of despair. Love because there is no other way to thrive in this world. Love just because.

Love because the spirit in you remembers the reason you are here. Love because your purpose is to love. Love because walking your journey here on earth began with love. Love because it is the only way to truly enjoy life. Love because it frees you from the shackles of your mind and allows you to live in the present. Love because what you extend out always bounces back. Love because it reminds you to love yourself just as you are. Love just because.

Love because the angel in me sees the angel in you. I love you just because.


There are times when we feel challenged saying one simple word. That word can set a precedence for not only honoring yourself but for others to understand your boundaries which you set so naturally. If you’re not practiced in saying NO when the opportunity arises it may feel uncomfortable for you. You may stammer, make something up to excuse yourself, or feel caught off guard and just say yes when you want to say no. Many people feel guilt and obligation, completely forgetting their own self worth. When we say yes when we mean no, many emotions surface. You may feel resentful, disappointed in yourself, angry, sad, or frustrated. Then you go to the event and you wish you could go back in time and re-do.

There is a resolution to this exhausting scenario. When someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do, take a breath, close your eyes, and pay attention to how this feels for you. Does it feel like it aligns with what your soul desires? If not, and you know your answer immediately, give your response. If you feel like you need more time, let the person know you’ll get back to them. Most importantly, honor yourself. The more you express your feelings guilt-free, the more others will expect this from you and respect your reply.

This cute funny clip not only made me belly laugh when I saw it, it prompted me to write this post. Even when it feels as though someone is pointing a gun at you, remember it is only an illusion that is waiting to be broken. Click here for a quick little chuckle and always remember to be true to YOU.